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Correa, Juan [1], Fayette, Alicia [2], Johnson, Zachary [2], Cangiano, Michael [3], Morgan, Eric [4].

Analysis of physical chemical control methods for two non-native species of Viburnum.

In recent years, two non native species of Viburnum, V. dilatatum (linden viburnum) and V. setigerum (tea viburnum) have been rapidly expanding into the woodlands and forests of Long Island, New York. To better manage these invaders we examined the effectiveness of three separate control methods: the cutting of shrubs to near ground level, cutting plus treatment with glyphosate, and cutting plus treatment with triclopyr. Here we present preliminary data showing significant differences in the effectiveness of these three treatments, which will provide a much needed first step towards the creation of an eradication program for the two species.

1 - Farmingdale State College, Biology, 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale , NY, 11375, USA
2 - Farmingdale State College, Biology, 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale , NY, 11735, USA
3 - Farmingdale State College, 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY, 11735, USA
4 - 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Department Of Biology - Hale Hall, Farmingdale , NY, 11375, United States


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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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