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Population Genetics/Genomics

Kate, Stephanie [1], Cantley, Jason [1].

Development Impacts and Population Genetics of Serpentinite Associated Cirsium fontinale in California Wetlands.

Varieties of Cirsium fontinale can be found in limited geographic areas in central to southwest coastal California. These water-dependent thistle are found on serpentinite soils; C. fontinale variety fontinale of particular conservation interest due to the proximity of its habitat to municipal corridors and the local edaphic changes occurring as a result. GIS map outputs using publicly available data provide visualization of specific restoration issues. An analysis the genomic sequence of C. fontinale variety campylon, C. fontinale variety fontinale in two nearby populations is used to quantify levels of admixture and genetic diversity within and between populations. Listed as endangered, it is important to study these taxa to understand more about the evolutionary path that has allowed them to thrive in their habitat before human mediation, in order that restoration methodologies might better be informed for the success of their continued presence in the environment. For a more robust look at the history of Cirsium fontinale as a species, a small sampling of C. fontinale variety obispoense is used as an approximate indicator of a further removed ancestry through inter-comparison with its more northern counterparts.

1 - San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave, SF State University Biology Department, Hensill Hall, 1751 Market Street APT 4, SF State University Biology Department, Hensill Ha, San Francisco, CA, 94103, United States

population genetics
Wetland Species
Edaphic Endemism

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