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McNair, Mason C [1], Hughes, Caitlyn [2], Leebens-Mack, Jim [3].

Taxonomic Delimitation of Cercis canadensis (Fabaceae).

The genus Cercis, like many genera, is fraught with taxonomic controversy. Circumscriptions of species, subspecies, varieties, and forms of North American taxa are hotly debated in taxonomic and horticultural literature. Common garden assessment of phenotypic variation and documentation of the genetic basis of phenotypic variation can inform taxonomic circumscription. We investigate published delimitations for North American Cercis taxa through analysis of phenotypic variation among specimens growing at JC Raulston Arboretum (North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC). In addition, we leverage an available F2 mapping population genomic estimation of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for phenotypic traits that have been used to distinguish Cercis canadensis var. canadensis and Cercis canadensis var. texensis. Combining phenotypic information with an understanding of the genetic basis of key taxonomic traits, we illustrate how a pluralistic and integrative approach to taxon delimitation can yield rigorous and reproducible species and infraspecific taxonomic concepts.

1 - University of Georgia, Plant Biology, 120 Carlton Street, Department of Plant Biology, Miller Plant Sciences, Athens, GA, 30602, United States
2 - 205 Cedar Woods Way, Canton, GA, 30114, United States
3 - University Of Georgia, Plant Biology, 2101 Miller Plant Sciences, Athens, GA, 30602, United States

common garden.

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