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Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium Digitization

Barkworth, Mary [1], Alam, Fawad [2], Shah, Ali [3].

Mobilizing Biodiversity Data where Connectivity is Poor.

There are still many countries where internet connectivity is slow, intermittent, or expensive. Efforts to maximize engagement in the provision and use of high quality biodiversity data must address this issue as well as the other challenges faced by systematic biologists in such areas. Symbiota, open source software that is widely used by herbaria in North America, has many excellent features but it is designed primarily for those with reliable and high speed internet connectivity or the capability of installing and maintaining a complex data base system, either their own or one with a significant subscription fee. We are designing an open source self-installing desktop database system that includes tools for checking data quality. Our initial goal is to provide botanists and herbaria with effective tools for managing and mobilizing their biodiversity data via a Symbiota-based network. The new system will have tools for label generation and integrating new and updated records for scientific names and geographic places. The offline database system will not be able to offer all the features included in Symbiota (nor those being developed for Symbiota2) but it will be of significant assistance to the many botanists and herbaria contending with poor internet access and limited resources.

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1 - Department Of Biology, 5305 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT, 84322, United States
2 - University of Peshawar, Biotechnology and Microbiology , Village Azakhel Bala Distt., Nowshera, KPK, 2500, Pakistan
3 - Islamia College, Computer Science Department, 25120 Jamrud Road, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan


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