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Tropical Biology

Shipunov, Alexey [1], Schmolly, Katharina [2].

Phylogeny of Amazonian enigma: origin and evolution of bitterbush family, Picramniaceae.

Picramniaceae is the family of ca. 50 known species, the only member of Picramniales which is sister to Sapindales. Not much is known about most aspects of their ecology, geography and morphology. The family is restricted to American tropics. Picramniaceae representatives are rich in secondary metabolites; some species are known to be important for pharmaceutical purposes. Traditionally, Picramniaceae understood as containing two genera, Picramnia and Alvaradoa, but recently the third genus, Nothotalisia W.W.Thomas was discovered. Only a few species of the family have been the subject of DNA-related research, and fewer than half of the species have been included in morphological phylogenetic analyses. It is clear that Picramniaceae as a largely under-researched plant group. Here we present the first molecular phylogetic tree of the group, based on both chloroplast and nuclear markers.

1 - Minot State University, Biology, 500 University Ave, Minot, ND, 58707, United States
2 - Minot State University, Biology, 500 University Ave, Minot, ND, 58707, USA


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