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Kirchoff, Bruce [1].

Software for teaching plant identification.

If you want a way to effectively teach your student plant identification, this is the workshop for you. Visual Learning – Plant Identification is a cross-platform visual learning application that has been experimentally shown to improve learning. A controlled experimental test has shown a highly statistically significant improvement in test scores after use of the program. The workshop will introduce you to the program and how it can be used in your class. We will cover all program functions, creating and distributing custom study sessions to students, and assignment grading. The cognitive psychology behind the program will be introduced, and the results of the controlled experiment will be presented. You will come away from the workshop with hands-on experience with the program, and the knowledge you need to employ it effectively in your classroom. The program is free, and can be downloaded from http://metisllc.com/visual-learning-products/. Please bring your PC or Mac computer to the workshop.

1 - University Of North Carolina At Greensboro, Department Of Biology, PO BOX 26170, GREENSBORO, NC, 27402-6170, USA, 919-304-2991

active learning
plant identification
visual learning.

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