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Reproductive Processes

Jabaily, Rachel [1], Fetterly, Emma [2], Felton, Josh [3], Heschel, M. Shane [4], Oberle, Brad [5], Sidoti, Brian [6], Bodine, Erin [7].

Defining Bromeliaceae life history with comparative morphometrics.

Despite a rich theoretical framework for understanding life history evolution, little work has been done to develop model systems for further examining reproductive strategies, particularly through a developmental, morphological, and physiological lens. The Neotropical family Bromeliaceae has the potential to be such a model system as the family spans substantial variation in life history, including the repeat evolution of semelparity. Here I clarify concepts and terminology that distinguish alternative life history strategies. I relate life history strategies to the basic bromeliad body plan by documenting variation in rosette growth and reproduction in greenhouse grown populations of three multi-ramet iteroparous species tracked for 4 years (Aechmea recurvata, Billbergia brasiliensis, Vriesea rafaelii). Bromeliad taxa add biomass by either accumulating or lengthening leaves and initiate axillary ramets at different developmental points relative to flowering. Axillary ramets often originate from axillary meristems subtended by senesced juvenile leaves low on the shoot axis and correspond with an increased foliar sucrose concentration. Axillary ramet growth rates did not consistently impact parental ramet growth rate. Investment in flowers and fruits in each species similarly covaries with vegetative features and reproductive effort can additionally be used to describe life history. Axillary ramet location, timing, and development are functional traits that shape bromeliad life history in varied habitats, with differential relationships to reproductive effort.

1 - Colorado College, Organismal Biology & Ecology, 14 E Cache La Poudre St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903, United States
2 - 2504 Glenarm Place , Denver, CO, 80205, United States
3 - 5200 Tifton Dr, Minneapolis, MN, 55439, United States
4 - Colorado College, Organismal Biology, 14 E. Cache La Poudre St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903, United States
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7 - Rhodes College, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN, 38112, United States

life history
reproductive effort
asexual reproduction.

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Number: RP2003
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