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Presentations for Program:: Paths forward: Engaging Indigenous science and knowledge

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Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm · Fireweed/Hilton
Session C8: Colloquium: Paths forward: Engaging Indigenous science and knowledge
Presiding: Warren Cardinal-McTeague, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
July 27th 1:30 pmFireweed/HiltonIntroduction
C8002July 27th 1:45 pmFireweed/HiltonDecolonizing Ethnobotany in the Classroom - A Complex, Yet Highly Rewarding UndertakingColloquium PresentationsStrecker, Lisa.Alaska
Undergraduate teaching
culturally relevant instruction
experiential learning
C8003July 27th 2:15 pmFireweed/HiltonIndigenous representation in pedagogy: my journey in place-based learning, DEI, and self-reflectionColloquium PresentationsSmith, Selena.Undergraduate teaching
C8004July 27th 2:30 pmFireweed/HiltonWe have always been scientists: erasure of Indigenous peoples’ scientific knowledge production in Rupert’s LandColloquium PresentationsRacine, Darrell; Klymiuk, Az.History
Indigenous Peoples
C8005July 27th 2:45 pmFireweed/HiltonReckoning With The Past For Building An Inclusive BotanyColloquium PresentationsAbrahams, Richard; Mabry, Makenzie; Caomhanach, Nuala; Gaynor, Michelle; Pham, Kasey; Williams, Tanisha; Murphy, Kaitlyn A.; Smocovitis, Vassiliki Betty; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela.History
Systemic racism
C8006July 27th 3:00 pmFireweed/HiltonBiocultural values of groundwater dependent ecosystems and associated limu (Hawaiian macroalgae) in Kona, Hawai‘iColloquium PresentationsGibson, Veronica; Bremer, Leah L.; Burnett, Kimberly M.; Lui, Nicole Keakaonaali'i; Smith, ecological systems
submarine groundwater discharge
ecosystem services
Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Indigenous aquaculture
Anchialine pools
Indigenous management systems

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