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Crops and Wild Relatives

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80Bio-herbicidal potential of Lantana camara l. on the growth and physiological parameters of Triticum aestivum l.  and associated weedsCrops and Wild RelativesIlyas, Noshin; Anwar, Tauseef.allelopathy
122Breeding the Dog of the Plant World: Development of Doubled Haploid Brassica oleraceaCrops and Wild RelativesGallagher, Evan Y.; Grindstaff , Brandin Alexander,Gage; Devi, Ruma; Mabry, Makenzie; PIRES , JOSEPH CHRIS.Brassica
Doubled Haploids
63Conservation and Sustainable use of Crop Wild Relatives for Food SecurityCrops and Wild RelativesKhadia, Satish.Crop wild relatives
Food security
67Impact of locular gel on the formation of callus in tomato tissue culturesCrops and Wild RelativesBlain, Natalie; Evensen, Arthur.tomato
Tissue Culture
Locular Gel
57Morphological Characterization and Genetic Diversity Studies on Accessions on Cowpea from Ten African CountriesCrops and Wild RelativesOnuminya, Temitope; Ogundipe, Oluwatoyin; Lawal, Oyewole.Cowpea
Genetic diversity

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