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487Key players in the reproductive transition in neotropical orchids: a departure from model monocotsDevelopment and StructureMadrigal, Yesenia; Scanlon, Michael; Alzate, Juan F; Pabon Mora, Natalia.flowering
Gene evolution
gene expression
Meristem development
Gene Regulatory Netvwork
Reproductive transition
919Kin discrimination and plastic responses in growth and floweringLightning Talks – Germinating IdeasLewis, Isabeau; Friedman, Jannice.kin selection
Mimulus guttatus
Mating system
223Knockdown of floral symmetry in Fedia gracilifloraDevelopment and StructureMustacchio, Theresa; Savriama, Yoland; Berger, Brent; Tong, Jingjing; Howarth, Dianella.Cycloidea 
Geometric Morphometrics
Floral Development
Floral morphology
Fedia graciliflora

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