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Sunday, July 24th

Sunday, July 24th
10:00 am to 12:00 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session W14: Workshop: Teaching Climate Change in a Botanical Context
Presiding: Kyra Neipp Krakos, Maryville University
W14001July 24th 10:00 am
Teaching Climate Change in a Botanical Context
Conference WideWorkshopKrakos, Kyra Neipp; Soltis, Pamela; Koptur, Suzanne.
Sunday, July 24th
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session W16: Workshop: Taking the Pain Out of Assessment: How to Measure Impact in Classrooms and Beyond
Presiding: Kathryn Parsley, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; Kris Callis-Duehl, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
W16001July 24th 12:30 pmTaking the Pain Out of Assessment: How to Measure Impact in Classrooms and BeyondConference WideWorkshopParsley, Kathryn; Callis-Duehl, Kris.

Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th
8:15 am to 9:45 am · Birch/Hilton
Session CGT1: Contributed Papers: Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics I
Presiding: Maurice Amee, University of Connecticut
CGT1001July 25th 8:15 amImpacts of allopolyploidy on gene expression in Nicotiana section RepandaeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperOstovar, Talieh; Landis, Jacob; McCarthy, Elizabeth; Stajich, Jason; Waters, Elizabeth; Litt, Amy.Nicotiana
comparative transcriptomics
CGT1002July 25th 8:30 amComparative transcriptomics provides insights into the genetic mechanisms regulating functional floral traits across Calochortus (Liliaceae)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperHernandez, Adriana; Landis, Jacob; Tribble, Carrie; Eifler, Evan; Givnish, Thomas; Strickler, Susan; Specht, Chelsea.RNA-Seq
Floral traits
comparative transcriptomics
gene expression
CGT1003July 25th 8:45 amTranscriptomics of seasonal leaf senescence in a deciduous conifer (Larix laricina)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperAmee, Maurice; Cobo, Irene; Scott, Alison; Maher, Olivia; Wegrzyn, Jill.comparative transcriptomics
seasonal senescence
differential gene expression
CGT1004July 25th 9:00 amGrow and then Show: understanding inducible phenotypes in solanum lycopersicum through transcriptomic analysisComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperQuinchiguango Archuleta, Inti.
CGT1005July 25th 9:15 amMulti-omic investigation of stress responses in Sea beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima, Amaranthaceae) and preliminary metabolomics data in Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Aizoaceae)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperRadford, Zachary; Crum, Alexandra; Fredericksen, Brett; Schaut, Madelyn; Maeda, Hiroshi; Yang, Ya.Co-expression network
time course
hyperspectral imaging
metabolite profiling
quantum yield
stress experiments
high light
methyl jasmonate
salt stress
CGT1006July 25th 9:30 amA drought GxE experiment reveals patterns of differential expression and drought tolerance genes in Artemisia tridentata (big sagebrush; Asteraceae)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperMelton, Anthony; Navock, Kara; Ellestad, Paige; Martinez, Peggy; Morales, Walker; Milliken, Erin; Serpe, Marcelo; Novak, Stephen; Buerki, Sven.sagebrush
gene expression
Monday, July 25th
10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session CGT2: Contributed Papers: Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics II
Presiding: Margaret Staton, University Of Tennessee, Knoxville; Beant Kapoor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Gillian Reynolds, Montana State University
CGT2001July 25th 10:15 amAncient yet Dynamic: The Evolution of a Fern GenomeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperMarchant, Daniel Blaine; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela; Leebens-Mack, Jim; Chen, Zhonghua.fern
Horizontal Gene Transfer
Plant Evolution
CGT2002July 25th 10:30 amExploring the structural variation and genome inheritance patterns using three generation red oak pedigreeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperKapoor, Beant; Jenkins, Jerry; Schmutz, Jeremy; Zhebentyayeva, Tetyana; Kulheim, Carsten; Lasky, Jesse; Leites, Laura; Schlarbaum, Scott; Carlson, John E.; Staton, Margaret; Coggeshall, Mark; Romero-Severson, Jeanne; Islam-Faridi, Nurul.Northern red oak
Reference genome
Structural variation
Haplotype blocks
Recombination breakpoints
CGT2003July 25th 10:45 amTracking a Cryptic Invader of the Vancouver Wetland with Genetics and Morphology<Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperBuckholtz, Gracy.Typha
CGT2004July 25th 11:00 amHijacking a metagenomic strategy for rapid comparative subgenomics for polyploids and their progenitorsComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperReynolds, Gillian; Mumey, Brendan; Strnadova-Neeley, Veronika; Lachowiec, Jennifer.genomics
Monday, July 25th
1:30 pm to 3:15 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session CGT3: Contributed Papers: Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics III
Presiding: Susan Strickler, Boyce Thompson Institute For Plant Research
CGT3001July 25th 1:30 pmBalancing read length and sequencing depth: optimizing Nanopore long-read sequencing for monocots with an emphasis on LilialesComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperDe La Cerda, Gisel; Landis, Jacob; Hernandez, Adriana; Tribble, Carrie; Eifler, Evan; Li, Fay-Wei; Zhang, Jing; Karimi, Nisa; Chan, Patricia; Givnish, Thomas; Strickler, Susan; Specht, Chelsea.Nanopore
genome sequencing
CGT3002July 25th 1:45 pmUtilizing the long and the short: comparison of different genome assembly programs for a 5.5 GB Liliales genomeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperLandis, Jacob; De La Cerda, Gisel; Hernandez, Adriana; Zhang, Jing; Powell, Adrian; Givnish, Thomas; Specht, Chelsea; Strickler, Susan.Calochortus
genome assembly
CGT3003July 25th 2:00 pmEASEL (Efficient, Accurate, Scalable Eukaryotic modeLs), a tool for improvement of eukaryotic genome annotationComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperWebster, Cynthia; Shrestha, Bikash; Zaman, Sumaira; Vuruputoor, Vidya; Bennett, Jeremy; Monyak, Daniel; Richter, Peter; Bhattarai, Akriti; Fetter, Karl; Wegrzyn, Jill.
CGT3004July 25th 2:15 pmDetermining the genomic architecture of Thalictrum sexual dimorphismComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperSain, Melody; Baum, David.Dioecy
sex determination
Sexual system
short read data
CGT3005July 25th 2:30 pmOmic strategies for identification of Amaranth speciesComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperHubert, Julia; Kyte, Sarah; Charron, Andréanne; Colville, Adam; Klein, Daniel; Brière, Stephan C.; Gagnon, Marie-Claude; Galindo Gonzalez, Leonardo Miguel.amaranths
Amaranthus palmeri
genome skimming
chloroplast sequencing
Comparative -omics
protein biotyping
DNA barcoding
CGT3006July 25th 2:45 pmEvolutionary dynamics of orchid mitogenomesComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperValencia-D., Janice; Neubig, Kurt.mitogenome
Genome rearrangement
Horizontal Gene Transfer
CGT3007July 25th 3:00 pmTranscriptomic analysis of asymptomatic variety pepper (Capsicum annuum) against the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperHernandez-Gonzalez, Alam.RNA-Seq
bell pepper
Monday, July 25th
3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session CGT4: Contributed Papers: Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics IV
Presiding: Jim Leebens-Mack, University Of Georgia
CGT4001July 25th 3:45 pmPlagiarism in the Poaceae: the role of lateral gene transfer in grass evolutionComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperDunning, Luke; Raimondeau, Pauline; Bianconi, Matheus; Pereira, Lara; Parisod, Christian; Christin, Pascal-Antoine.phylogenomics
lateral gene transfer
CGT4002July 25th 4:00 pmPhylogenetically localizing and dating the mesohexaploidy of the tribe BrassiceaeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperThomas, Shawn; Abrahams, Richard; Harkess, Alex; Washburn, Jacob; Pires, Joseph; Arias, Tatiana.Transcriptomics
whole genome duplication
CGT4003July 25th 4:15 pmPatterns of plastid genome evolution across parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plantsComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperStone, Philippa; Lam, Vivienne; Darby, Hayley; Graham, Sean.Chloroplast genome
CGT4004July 25th 4:30 pmPlastome Structural Evolution in Neo-Astragalus (Astragalus L., Fabaceae)Comparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperCharboneau, Joseph; Cronn, Richard; Liston, Aaron; Wojciechowski, Martin; Sanderson, Michael.Chloroplast genome
inverted repeat-lacking clade
inversion mechanisms
CGT4005July 25th 4:45 pmPlastid phylogenomics and molecular evolution of fully mycoheterotrophic ThismiaceaeComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperGarrett, Natalie (Lis); Viruel, Juan; Klimpert, Nathaniel; Soto Gomez, Marybel; Lam, Vivienne; Merckx, Vincent; Graham, Sean.Plastid genome degradation
Purifying selection
Heme biosynthesis
Genome rearrangement
Gene loss
CGT4006July 25th 5:00 pmAn estimate of gene content and chromosomal organization in the last common ancestor of extant angiospermsComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperLeebens-Mack, Jim.Amborella trichopoda
comparative genomics
Karyotype Evolution
CGT4007July 25th 5:15 pmChromosome-scale reference genome and RAD based genetic map of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) reveal putative structural variation and QTLs associated with invader traitsComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsPaperReatini, Bryan; Cang, Alice; Jiang, Qiuyu; Dlugosch, Katrina.Yellow starthistle
genome assembly
genetic map
QTL mapping

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th
10:15 am to 11:45 am · Birch/Hilton
Session EPH1: Contributed Papers: Ecophysiology I
Presiding: Christopher Muir, University Of Hawai’i Mānoa
EPH1001July 26th 10:15 amFinding genes responsible for evolution of complex 3D leaf anatomy using tomographic microscopyEcophysiologyPaperMuir, Christopher; Bonnin, Anne; Buckley, Thomas N; Conesa, Miquel À; Galmés, Jeroni; McKlin, Sam; Rippner, Devin A; Schmeltz, Margaux; Théroux-Rancourt, Guillaume.3D leaf complexity
Leaf carbon‐water exchange
X‐ray microcomputed tomography
EPH1002July 26th 10:30 amUsing a Machine Learning approach to study functional trait diversification in HelianthusEcophysiologyPaperMajumder, Sambadi; Mason, Chase.sunflower
Machine Learning
functional traits
Evolutionary biology
EPH1003July 26th 10:45 amReconciling patterns of trait and niche evolution in polyploid plantsEcophysiologyPaperKrieg, Christopher; Watts, Jacob; Sessa, Emily.polyploidy
ecological niche
trait differentiation
niche differentiation
EPH1004July 26th 11:00 amRestoring the Roan: Red Spruce Forest Understory Responses to Canopy Gaps at Roan Mountain, NCEcophysiologyPaperHennessey, Thomas Moore.ecophysiology
plant ecology
EPH1005July 26th 11:15 amTrait Variation as Plants Grow Up: Simultaneous Effects of Ontogeny and Phenotypic PlasticityEcophysiologyPaperFlores, Ana I.; Barton, Kasey.Phenotypic plasticity
ontogenetic trajectory
leaf traits
Resource allocation
functional traits
EPH1006July 26th 11:30 amUsing Eco-Physiology to Inform Conservation Outcomes: Photosynthetic Responses to Salinity in Two Endangered Alkali Vernal Pool Species of AtriplexEcophysiologyPaperMirza, Humera; Arteaga, Marc; Santiago, Louis.ecophysiology
threatened species
endangered species
Atriplex coronata
Atriplex parishii
Chlorophyll fluorescence
salinity tolerence
Tuesday, July 26th
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm · Birch/Hilton
Session EPH2: Contributed Papers: Ecophysiology II
Presiding: Yongjiang Zhang, University Of Maine
EPH2001July 26th 2:00 pmIs climate warming beneficial to the wild blueberry, a temperate North American crop?EcophysiologyPaperZhang, Yongjiang.Water use
Crop yield
climate change
Vaccinium angustifolium
Water stress
EPH2002July 26th 2:15 pmStructural and functional leaf diversity explain variation in photosynthetic capacity across J. regia accessionsEcophysiologyPaperMomayyezi, Mina; McElrone, Andrew.leaf traits
Leaf anatomy
CO2 diffusion
Photosynthetic capacity
EPH2003July 26th 2:30 pmExploring the relationship between anthocyanin structure and function in plant-environment interactionsEcophysiologyPaperHughes, Nicole Michelle; Wommack, Andrew; Lila, Mary Ann.Anthocyanin
EPH2004July 26th 2:45 pmComparative analysis of autumn leaf coloration across North AmericaEcophysiologyPaperHeberling, Mason; Hughes, Nicole M.; George, Christian O.; Lee, Ben; Neufeld, Howard; Webb, Campbell O; Lee, David W..Anthocyanin
leaf senescence
EPH2005July 26th 3:00 pmHurricane effects on restored seagrass corridors in TexasEcophysiologyPaperSchwarz, Arthur; Thorhaug, Anitra; Berlyn, Graeme.Seagrass shoaling
seagrass restoration
Seagrass stabilization of shorelines
Halodule wrightii stabilization of shorelines
Halodule wrightii restoration shorelines Texas 
July 26th 3:15 pmBreakEcophysiology
EPH2007July 26th 3:45 pmIntra-canopy leaf variation in deciduous oaks (genus Quercus): from leaf construction to energy returnEcophysiologyPaperGarnica Diaz, Claudia Juliana; Machado, Siddarth; Castillo-Argaez, Raiza; Smith, Nicholas Ash; Johnson, Daniel J.; John, GRACE PATRICIA.LMA
economic spectrum
wilting point
EPH2008July 26th 4:00 pmPhenotypic plasticity and selection on leaf traits in response to snowmelt timing and summer precipitationEcophysiologyPaperNavarro, Jocelyn; Powers, John; Paul, Ayaka; Campbell, Diane.adaptive plasticity
Ipomopsis aggregata
vegetative traits
Phenotypic plasticity
stomatal conductance
water use efficiency
EPH2009July 26th 4:15 pmEcophysiological explanations for spatial and temporal variations in autumnal coloration within the canopies of ornamental red maple (Acer rubrum ‘Armstrong’) and Freeman maple (Acer x freemanii)EcophysiologyPaperMartin, Claire; Neufeld, Howard.
EPH2010July 26th 4:30 pmEffects of nitrogen and phosphorus addition on early regeneration and root shoot growth in hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus speciesEcophysiologyPaperRong, Huang; Huang, Lanqing; Lei, Xiaozhou; Fang, Chuangwei; Castillo-Díaz, Diana; Chen, Huayang; Wen, Bin; Cao, Kun-Fang; Zhu, Shidan; Manage Goodale, Uromi.Early regeneration
Nitrogen addition
Phosphorus addition
Root aging
Root complexity
Root shoot length ratio

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th
7:00 am to 8:30 am · Birch/Hilton
Session BR15: Breakfast: Genetics Section Business Meeting
July 27th 7:00 amGenetics Section Business MeetingConference Wide

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