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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th
8:00 am to 12:00 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom E & F/Dena'ina Center
Session EO1: Contributed Papers: Teaching Section: Diversity, International Education, & Outreach
Presiding: Kyra N. Krakos, Maryville University; Maria Beatriz Cortez, University Of Florida
EO1001July 25th 8:00 amBotany & Beyond: A new program to to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in botanical scienceEducation and Outreach PaperMonfils, Anna; Poston, Muriel; Adams/, Catrina; Cacanindin, Heather.Diversity
Botany & Beyond
EO1002July 25th 8:15 amDecolonizing Botanical Field and Lab Work Methodologies of the UVSC HerbariumEducation and Outreach PaperShaver, Tyler R; Riggs, Erin.Decolonization
Indigenous Peoples
Decolonizing Methodologies
Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Field Botany
EO1003July 25th 8:30 amDoctoral students’ perceptions of high-quality mentorship depend on deep-level similarity not demographic matchEducation and Outreach PaperTuma, Trevor T; Dolan, Erin L.mentoring
graduate education
career development
EO1004July 25th 8:45 amFostering important conversations about biocultural diversity by engaging children in the ludic world of readingEducation and Outreach PaperCortez, Maria Beatriz; Ribeiro de Jesus, Nanci; Rech, Andre; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela.biocultural diversity
campos rupestres
sempre vivas
community-based conservation
EO1005July 25th 9:00 amFrom basics to broader impacts: lessons learned from years of YouTubingEducation and Outreach PaperEdwards, Molly.Outreach
Science communication
Science IRL
broader impacts
July 25th 9:15 amRoundtable Discussion: Creating an Inclusive Experience in the Classroom and Across the DisciplineEducation and Outreach
July 25th 9:45 amBreakEducation and Outreach
EO1008July 25th 10:15 amBudburst: Using community science for research and science educationEducation and Outreach PaperOschrin, Emma.Science communication
Science IRL
EO1009July 25th 10:30 amRooting students in their botanical history: a collaborative curriculum for herbarium curators and high school students and educatorsEducation and Outreach PaperKrosnick, Shawn; Moore, Kelly.Herbarium
high school
EO1010July 25th 10:45 amThe Mystery of the Mountaintop ThistleEducation and Outreach PaperAckerfield, Jennifer.Science communication
species delimitation
Funky thistle
EO1011July 25th 11:00 am“People, Pollinators, and Raspberry Pi”Education and Outreach PaperMorley, Lydia; Marcelli, Monica; McCormick, Melissa; Spalink, Daniel.conservation
Citizen Science
EO1012July 25th 11:15 amA decade of lessons learned as a foreign expert working in a higher education institution in China - Transcending cultural, societal and geographical boundaries to effect plant conservation through scientific research and educationEducation and Outreach PaperManage Goodale, Uromi.
EO1013July 25th 11:30 amSouth African LEAP Schools STEM programs excell at national exams during COVID-19 using cell-phones for learning adaptation during 2 yearsEducation and Outreach PaperGilmour, John; Thorhaug, Anitra; Ramphele, Mamphela.STEM education Africa 
Ubuntu MATH education
COVID-19 STEM education AFrica 
Female STEM scores on National tests 
LEAP Methods Science &Math
Monday, July 25th
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom E & F/Dena'ina Center
Session M10: Meeting: BSA Teaching Section Business Meeting
Presiding: Benjamin R Montgomery, ; Kyra Neipp Krakos, Maryville University
July 25th 12:00 pmBSA Teaching Section Business MeetingEducation and Outreach
Monday, July 25th
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom E & F/Dena'ina Center
Session M25: Meeting: SHC Membership Meeting
Presiding: Patrick Sweeney, Yale Pebody Museum Of Natural History; Erin Manzitto-Tripp, University of Colorado Boulder
July 25th 5:00 pmSHC Member MeetingSHC-Wide

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th
8:30 am to 11:15 am · Tikahtnu Ballroom E & F/Dena'ina Center
Session SS: Special Sessions: Biodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!
SS001July 27th 8:30 amFinding common goals between Conservation Biology and Natural History CollectionsBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessEllwood, Elizabeth R.; Buschbom, Jutta; Freire-Fierro, Alina; Clark, Dina; Tancoff, Soledad; Atique, Usman; Mast, Austin.SPNHC
conservation biology
SS002July 27th 8:45 amIdentifying and preventing plant extinction events: The critical role of herbariaBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessKnapp, Wesley.extinction
single-site endemics 
in situ
ex situ
SS003July 27th 9:00 amAssessing the reproductive patterns of rare plants from herbarium specimens to inform their management and conservationBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessMolano-Flores, Brenda; Feist, Mary Ann; Marcum, Paul; Johnson, Sara.rare plants
reproductive biology
SS004July 27th 9:15 amTreasures among the indets: Using unidentified herbarium specimens to locate, describe, and protect new species of Australian SolanumBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessMartine, Christopher; Williams, Tanisha; McDonnell, Angela; Cantley, Jason; Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid; Marino, Claire; Jobson, Peter.Solanum
Undergraduate Research
bush tomato
species conservation
SS005July 27th 9:30 amAssessing the conservation status of West Virginia forests using herbaria data and phylogenetic diversity of the Rosids cladeBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessShamblin, Zachary; Puppo, Pamela.conservation
phylogenetic diversity
July 27th 9:45 amBreakBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!
SS007July 27th 10:15 amSupporting plant conservation through field- and collections-based activities at the University of Washington Herbarium, Burke MuseumBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessGiblin, David; Legler, Ben; Olmstead, Richard.Pacific Northwest
plant collecting
Consortium of PNW Herbaria
regional flora
image gallery
natural heritage program
invasive species
SS008July 27th 10:30 amLeveraging WIS herbarium specimens to examine the phylogenetics, conservation, ecological, and biogeographical issues in the Great Lakes regionBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessSytsma, Kenneth; Spalink, Daniel; Kriebel, Ricardo; Drummond, Chloe; Rose, Jeffrey; Feist, Mary Ann; Givnish, Thomas; Cameron, Kenneth.Herbarium
Great Lakes region
DNA barcode
Species Distribution Modeling
climate change
SS009July 27th 10:45 amSustaining plant biodiversity conservation research with herbarium specimens in a post pandemic worldBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessRoy, Tilottama.Biodiversity
species conservation
SS010July 27th 11:00 amPast and present species distributions and ecological dynamics of Southern Appalachian, high-elevation rock outcrop plant communitiesBiodiversity at the brink: leveraging herbaria for conservation!SpecsessMathews, Katherine.Southern Appalachians
rock outcrop

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