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Sunday, July 24th

Sunday, July 24th
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session W18: Workshop: Processing raw Illumina DNA data into alignments for phylogenetic analyses
Presiding: Tobias Andermann,
July 24th 1:00 pmProcessing raw Illumina DNA data into alignments for phylogenetic analysesConference Wide

Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th
8:00 am to 9:45 am · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session CB1: Contributed Papers: Conservation Biology 1: Genomes and Conservation
Presiding: Christine Edwards, Missouri Botanical Garden; Maria Vogel,
CB1001July 25th 8:00 amConservation and genetic assessments of petitioned Henry’s Spiderlily (Hymenocallis henryae)Conservation BiologyPaperVogel, Maria; Negron-Ortiz, Vivian; Moore, Rich.conservation
population genomics
Endangered Species Act
CB1002July 25th 8:15 amConservation and Population Genetics of the Federally Endangered Florida Torreya (Torreya taxifolia, Taxaceae)Conservation BiologyPaperEserman, Lauren; Baldwin, Ethan; Carmichael, Amanda; Jordan, Chazz; Smith, Ashlynn; Leebens-Mack, Jim; Coffey, Emily.population genetics
Torreya taxifolia
Target Enrichment
CB1003July 25th 8:30 amGenetic evaluation of the critically endangered woody species, Gardenia brighamii and hybridization with ornamental Gardenia tahitensis in the Hawaiian IslandsConservation BiologyPaperBridgens, Rachel; Philpott, Megan; Culley, Theresa; Pence, Valerie; Ching, Susan.conservation
Genetic diversity
CB1004July 25th 8:45 amAssessing genetic differences in hemlock resistance (Tsuga sp.) through comparative transcriptomics and metabolomicsConservation BiologyPaperVuruputoor, Vidya; BenJeddi, Sophia; Fetter, Karl; Wegrzyn, Jill.conservation
hemlock woolly adelgid
CB1005July 25th 9:00 amNot everything is bigger in Texas: Conservation genetics and the genetic distinctiveness of the endangered Texas trailing Phlox (Phlox nivalis ssp. texensis)Conservation BiologyPaperEdwards, Christine; Bassuner, Burgund; Yatskievych, George.conservation
endangered species
population genetics
Genetic diversity
longleaf pine savannah
CB1006July 25th 9:15 amRe-assessment of hybridization between the rare arctic relict Euphrasia hudsoniana and its invasive congener Euphrasia strictaConservation BiologyPaperVallez, John; Carlson, Ryan; Etterson, Julie; Gross, Briana.hybrid
CB1007July 25th 9:30 amConservation implications of geographic disjunction, limited genetic variation, and predicted shifts in niche space in the federally endangered leafy prairie-cloverConservation BiologyPaperMorris, Ashley; Visger, Clayton.glades
population genetics
Monday, July 25th
10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session CB2: Contributed Papers: Conservation Biology 2: Rare Species Biology
Presiding: Emily Powell, Tennessee Tech University; Brenda Molano-Flores, University Of Illinois
CB2001July 25th 10:15 amIntraspecific and interspecific seed germination patterns for three rare Pinguicula speciesConservation BiologyPaperMolano-Flores, Brenda; Johnson, Sara; Coons, Janice; Coutant, Nancy; Annis, Jenna.Pinguicula
rare plants
CB2002July 25th 10:30 amAdvancements in the conservation of the federally endangered Short’s bladderpod (Physaria globosa: Brassicaceae)Conservation BiologyPaperPowell, Emily; Krosnick, Shawn.endangered species
pollen limitation
life history
CB2003July 25th 10:45 am7-year study reveals demographic shifts of a rare plant (Trillium pusillum) in response to herbivoryConservation BiologyPaperYawn, Noah; Boyd, Robert.Trillium
species conservation
spring ephemeral
CB2004July 25th 11:00 am40 Trees: insights from the hurricane survivors of an endangered coniferConservation BiologyPaperCoffey, Emily; Smith, Ashlynn; Loy, Xingwen.ecology
climate change
CB2005July 25th 11:15 amClonal structure dominates in a native bamboo, Arundinaria appalachiana, on the Cumberland Plateau of TennesseeConservation BiologyPaperMorris, Ashley; Evans, Jon.conservation
population genetics
Southeastern US
CB2006July 25th 11:30 amReproductive biology and seed ecology of the rare endemic Zapata Bladderpod (Physaria thamnophila)Conservation BiologyPaperJohnson, Sara; Coons, Janice; Molano-Flores, Brenda.seed yield
plant-insect ecology
seed set
reproductive biology
rare plants
breeding system
CB2007July 25th 11:45 amInfluence of metapopulation dynamics on genetic structure: Case study of the endangered and exceptional species Amorphophallus titanumConservation BiologyPaperMurrell, Olivia; Diaz-Martin, Zoe; Havens, Kayri; Kramer, Andrea; Fant, Jeremie B.ex situ living collections
Genetic diversity
population genetics
metapopulation dynamics
Amorphophallus titanum
next generation sequencing
Monday, July 25th
3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session CB3: Contributed Papers: Conservation Biology 3: Rare Species Distributions/Monitoring
Presiding: Maribeth Latvis, South Dakota State University; Frank Reichenbacher, University Of Arizona
CB3001July 25th 3:45 pmForecasting change for the Black Hills boreal relic species using Species Distribution ModelingConservation BiologyPaperPuetz, Eric; Latvis, Maribeth.Species Distribution Modeling
Disjunct Species
Black Hills
boreal forest
climate change
CB3002July 25th 4:00 pmSaving the Imperiled Marilog Forests in Southern Mindanao, Philippines: Inventory, Assessment and Conservation for Sustainable Community UtilizationConservation BiologyPaperAmoroso, Victor; Mohagan, Alma; Acma, Florfe; Lumista, Hannah; Coritico, Fulgent; Rufila, Lilibeth; Bautista, Majella; Melencion, Merced; Leaño, Emmanuel; Escarlos, Jose Jr.; Baron, Elsa; Lithuañas, Chris Rey; Patano, Romeo Jr.; Mendez, Noe; Nobleza, Joevina; Tubongbanua, Romeo Jr.; Hongco, Aldrin.Biodiversity
Community Economic Garden
Local Conservation Area
Assisted Natural Regeneration
Southern Philippines
CB3003July 25th 4:15 pmA New Monitoring Method for Listed Endangered or Threatened Plant SpeciesConservation BiologyPaperReichenbacher, Frank.Rosaceae
Purshia subintegra
rare plants
population biology
population decline
limestone endemic
monitoring study
species conservation
endangered species
threatened species
CB3004July 25th 4:30 pmRevisiting the Tumamoc GlobeberryConservation BiologyPaperReichenbacher, Frank.Cucurbitaceae
Tumamoca macdougalii
rare plants
population biology
population decline
Sonoran Desert
monitoring study
species conservation
endangered species
threatened species
CB3005July 25th 4:45 pmA dataset of 5 million city trees: species clustering and climate effects in urban forestsConservation BiologyPaperMcCoy, Dakota; Goulet, Benjamin; Meng, Weilin; Atahan, Bulent Furkan; Kiros, Hana; Nishino, Misako; Kartesz, John.Trees
urban biodiversity
non-native species
CB3006July 25th 5:00 pmUnderstanding the history and distribution of Asclepias prostrata in South TexasConservation BiologyPaperGonzalez, Elizabeth Ann; Feria, Teresa.
CB3007July 25th 5:15 pmManagement and ecological surveys indicate long-term grassland restoration success but potential for biotic homogenizationConservation BiologyPaperLuong, Justin; Press, Daniel; Holl, Karen.restoration
Plant invasion

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th
8:00 am to 9:45 am · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session CB4: Contributed Papers: Conservation Biology 4: Conservation Assessments and Restoring Populations
Presiding: Jessamine Finch, Native Plant Trust; Rob Massatti, U.S. Geological Survey
CB4001July 26th 8:00 amInforming management goals using ancestry probability surfaces: a case study with Graham’s beardtongue (Penstemon grahamii) in Uinta Basin, Utah, USAConservation BiologyPaperMassatti, Rob; Winkler, Daniel; Jones, Matthew.POPMAPS
population genetics
demographic modeling
landscape genetics
CB4002July 26th 8:15 amHerbaria uses in ecosystem health assessments: Impacts of land use and climate change on flora in the Guadalupe Mountains over 50 yearsConservation BiologyPaperBullock, Madison; Slimp, Madeline; Hale, Haley; Coker, Cassidy; Bailey, Zachary; Johnson, Matt.herbaria
Guadalupe Mountains
climate change
ecosystem health
stomatal density
CB4003July 26th 8:30 amLearning to De-Stress: Inhibiting Ethylene to Improve Oak Survival In VitroConservation BiologyPaperWinkeljohn, Max; Pence, Valerie; Culley, Theresa.Oaks
In Vitro
tissue culture
ex situ
Silver Thiosulfate
CB4004July 26th 8:45 amConservation of exceptional plant species: What does it cost and what do we need?Conservation BiologyPaperPhilpott, Megan; Pence, Valerie.ex situ
botanical garden
tissue culture
CB4005July 26th 9:00 amSupporting long-term sustainability of ex situ collections using a pedigree-based population management approachConservation BiologyPaperFoster, Jeremy; Walsh, Seana; Havens, Kayri; Kramer, Andrea; Fant, Jeremie B.Brighamia insignis
Genetic diversity
pollen viability
strategic crosses
CB4006July 26th 9:15 amComprehensive approach for seed banking of Bletilla striata, an endangered terrestrial orchid: recommendations for research and conservationConservation BiologyPaperPradhan, Namrata; Martini, Francesco; Yang, Mei; Khoddamzadeh, Amir; Cao, Kun-Fang; Manage Goodale, Uromi.orchid seeds
seed banking
seed morphology
seed viability test
Tetrazolium test
Fluorescein diacetate test
Evans blue test
Direct cryopreservation
Vitrification cryopreservation
in-vitro germination
CB4007July 26th 9:30 amConservation assessment at scale: semi-automated workflows for preliminary assessments using Andropogoneae as a case studyConservation BiologyPaperAuBuchon-Elder, Taylor; Minx, Patrick; Bookout, Bess; Kellogg, Elizabeth.Andropogoneae
IUCN conservation status
Tuesday, July 26th
10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session BI&HD II: Contributed Papers: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium Digitization II
Presiding: Austin Mast, Florida State University; David Hearn, Towson University
BI&HD II001July 26th 10:15 amEcoFloras provide valuable insight into the use of iNaturalist dataBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperAckerfield, Jennifer; Lichtenberger, Taran; Davis, Jeny; Paradiso, Lydia.iNaturalist
community engagement
Citizen Science
Botanic gardens
BI&HD II002July 26th 10:30 amDemonstration of the use of computational linguistics and machine learning to identify phenological anomalies described in the world’s biodiversity specimen recordsBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperMast, Austin; Tian, Shubo; He, Zhe; Krimmel, Erica; Pichardo-Marcano, Fritz; Buckley, Mikayla; Gomez, Sophia; Hennessey, Ashley; Horn, Allyson; Howell, Olivia.phenology
Computational linguistics
Machine Learning
Anomaly detection
Global change
Biodiversity Informatics
BI&HD II003July 26th 10:45 amThe Herbarium of Economic Botany of Ecuador (QUSF)Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperValdebenito, Hugo.Ecuador
Economic Botany
BI&HD II004July 26th 11:00 amParasitic flowering plant collections embody the extended specimenBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperTeixeira-Costa, Luiza; Heberling, Mason; Wilson, Carol; Davis, Charles.
BI&HD II005July 26th 11:15 amAnalyzing spatial bias in herbarium data in Oklahoma and TexasBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperHubbard, Sierra; Fishbein, Mark.Herbarium Digitization
BI&HD II006July 26th 11:30 amSampling biases in herbarium data inflate signatures of climate change: causes and solutionsBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperHearn, David.sampling bias
climate change
Herbarium Digitization
order statistics
spring ephemeral
BI&HD II007July 26th 11:45 amA general theory of phenological timing reveals counterintuitive interpretations of historical patterns of phenological changeBiodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPaperHearn, David.Bayesian inference
phenological shift
biological timing
Herbarium Digitization
spring ephemeral
Tuesday, July 26th
3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session CB5: Contributed Papers: Conservation Biology 5
Presiding: Rachel Meyer, UCSC; Amy Highland, Mt. Cuba Center - Library
CB5001July 26th 3:45 pmConservation Status of Trillium in North AmericaConservation BiologyPaperHighland, Amy.TrilliumConservationMt. Cuba 
CB5002July 26th 4:00 pmEfficacy and impact of plant conservation community science projectsConservation BiologyPaperFinch, Jessamine; Jasny, Micah; Kucera, Katherine; Kiefer, Gretel.volunteers
rare plants
Citizen Science
CB5003July 26th 4:15 pmHow can culture, population genomics, and environmental DNA integrate to help us better manage the environment?Conservation BiologyPaperMeyer, Rachel.eDNA
landscape genomics
Citizen Science
natural resources
CB5004July 26th 4:30 pmGenetic Resources of RET Medicinal Plant Species in India: Distribution, Diversity and ConservationConservation BiologyPaperKhadia, Satishkumar.endangered species
rare plants
CB5005July 26th 4:45 pmCertification of the Professional Consulting Botanist in CaliforniaConservation BiologyPaperMagney, David.Botanist Certification
Consulting Botanist
Field Botanist
Professional Standards

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th
8:00 am to 9:45 am · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session RP2: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 1
Presiding: Rachel Jabaily, Colorado College; Kyra N. Krakos, Maryville University
RP2001July 27th 8:00 amComparative analysis of the reproductive biology of Rudbeckia hirta across four habitats in pre and post drought-winter yearsReproductive ProcessesPaperSiegfried, Emma; Krakos, Kyra Neipp.
RP2002July 27th 8:15 amThe Distribution of Self-incompatibility is Credibly Amazing and You Will Not Believe the Latest DataReproductive ProcessesPaperIgic, Boris.
RP2003July 27th 8:30 amDefining Bromeliaceae life history with comparative morphometricsReproductive ProcessesPaperJabaily, Rachel; Fetterly, Emma; Felton, Josh; Heschel, M. Shane; Oberle, Brad; Sidoti, Brian; Bodine, Erin.Bromeliaceae
life history
reproductive effort
asexual reproduction
RP2004July 27th 8:45 amComparative Reproductive Biology of Two Self-Compatible BromeliaceaeReproductive ProcessesPaperFelton, Josh; Heschel, M. Shane; Jabaily, Rachel.Bromeliaceae
reproductive biology
RP2005July 27th 9:00 amCharacterizing a wide morphological spectrum of dioecy in neotropical Miconia (Melastomataceae)Reproductive ProcessesPaperAngulo, Juan; Burke, Janelle; Michelangeli, Fabian.Dioecy
RP2006July 27th 9:15 amHow do sampling methods impact our understanding of mating system distribution in angiosperms?Reproductive ProcessesPaperMeyer, Elena; Eckert, Andrew.selfing
mating systems
reproductive biology
sampling bias
mixed mating
Wednesday, July 27th
10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session RP3: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 2: Pollination 1
Presiding: Jennifer Ison, The College Of Wooster; Megan Van Etten, Penn State Scranton; Imeña Valdes, Plant Biology and Conservation Program
RP3001July 27th 10:15 amFloral traits limit pollinator assemblages and determine the visiting behavior of nectar specialist passerinesReproductive ProcessesPaperLu, Jing-Yi; Ling, Shao-Jun; Ren, Ming-Xun; Ree, Richard.Pollination
Floral traits
RP3002July 27th 10:30 amVariation in pollinator abundance and selection over space and timeReproductive ProcessesPaperGriffin, Jared; Van Etten, Megan.pollinator decline
plant-pollinator interactions
Citizen Science
trait evolution
RP3003July 27th 10:45 amBee taxa differ in their pollen movement patterns and contribution to the male fitness of a self-incompatible prairie perennialReproductive ProcessesPaperPearson, Avery; Zelman, Zeke; Hill, Lauryn; Stevens, Mia; Jackson, Evan; Incarnato, Miyauna Monique Nicole; Johnson, Ren; Wagenius, Stuart; Ison, Jennifer.plant-pollinator interactions
male fitness
Echinacea angustifolia
tallgrass prairie
pollinator effectiveness
RP3004July 27th 11:00 amWhen is a native not a native? An assessment of pollinator preference of native plants and their cultivated varietiesReproductive ProcessesPaperValdes, Imeña; Finch, Jessamine; Havens, Kayri.native
RP3005July 27th 11:15 amPollen competition contributes to wide variation in male fertility in the fieldReproductive ProcessesPaperKarron, Jeffrey; Christopher, Dorothy; Semski, Wendy; Trapnell, Dorset; Mitchell, Randall.pollen competition
male fertility
sexual selection
Reproductive Success
RP3006July 27th 11:30 amFunctional significance of anther cones in buzz-pollinated Solanum flowersReproductive ProcessesPaperVallejo-Marin, Mario; Pereira Nunes, Carlos Eduardo; Russell, Avery L.; Woodrow, Charlie; Montealegre-Z, Fernando.Bees
buzz pollination
floral evolution
RP3007July 27th 11:45 amReproductive biology of buzz pollinated Primula meadiaReproductive ProcessesPaperDegenhardt, Katrina; Karron, Jeffrey; Mitchell, Randall; Christopher, Dorothy; Rush, Richard.Pollination
buzz pollination
breeding system
pollinator foraging behavior
Wednesday, July 27th
1:30 pm to 3:15 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session RP4: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 3: Pollination 2
Presiding: Nathan Muchhala, University Of Missouri - St. Louis; Mackenzie Taylor, Creighton University
RP4001July 27th 1:30 pmUpslope migration of subalpine bees reinforces alpine visitation network structure but disrupts pollination servicesReproductive ProcessesPaperMartin, Valerie; Miller-Struttmann, Nicole.climate change
pollination services
visitation network
alpine ecology
RP4002July 27th 1:45 pmPollinator-mediated selection via male fitness drives floral variation across the range of Clarkia xantianaReproductive ProcessesPaperHarrington, Aidan; Briscoe Runquist, Ryan; Moeller, David.
RP4003July 27th 2:00 pmActinomorphy to zygomorphy: Bilateral symmetry, with correct flower orientation, greatly increases pollen transferReproductive ProcessesPaperMuchhala, Nathan; Domingos-Melo, Arthur; Albuquerque-Lima, Sinzinando; Bezerra, Alexsandro; Frazão, Annelise; Johanes, Isabella; Sabino, Ana Carolina; Machado, Isabel Cristina.Pollination
Floral morphology
Glossophaga soricina
Pollen transfer
RP4004July 27th 2:15 pmPollination and postpollination development in the hydrophilous monocot Stuckenia pectinataReproductive ProcessesPaperTaylor, Mackenzie; Wilson, Adam; Dang, Christie; Baker, Emma; Srail, Julie; Klahs, Luke; Williams, Caleb.hydrophily
pollen germination
pollen tube growth
RP4005July 27th 2:30 pmThe role of volatile organic compound emissions in the development of a hummingbird pollination syndrome in Silene virginicaReproductive ProcessesPaperSharrett, Lucas; Steven, Janet.Caryophyllaceae
Hummingbird Pollination
Volatile Organic Compounds
Pollination syndromes
plant-pollinator interactions
RP4006July 27th 2:45 pmPollinator diversity as key element to better understand population genetic diversity in restricted endemic plant speciesReproductive ProcessesPaperValverde, Javier; Medrano, Mónica; Alonso, Conchita; Herrera, Carlos.population genetics
Mediterranean ecosystems
Endemic Species
plant-pollinator interactions
Wednesday, July 27th
3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session RP5: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 4
Presiding: Joseph Williams, University of Tennessee; Claire Smith, Queen's University
RP5001July 27th 3:45 pmStochasticity and pollen capture efficiency in wind-pollinated angiospermsReproductive ProcessesPaperSmith, Claire; Friedman, Jannice.wind pollination
plant ecology
RP5002July 27th 4:00 pmEvidence for relaxed selection on style length on an isolated, oceanic islandReproductive ProcessesPaperYomai, Viann Marie; Williams, Joseph.pollen competition
Floral traits
Petal size
Style length
Island Ecology
Pacific islands
breeding system
RP5003July 27th 4:15 pmThe evolutionary history and potential function of personate flowers in eastern PenstemonsReproductive ProcessesPaperDepatie, Trinity; Wessinger, Carolyn.Penstemon
personate flowers
RP5004July 27th 4:30 pmMating and fitness consequences of variation in male allocation in a wind-pollinated plantReproductive ProcessesPaperFriedman, Jannice; Aljiboury, Abrar.gain curves
mate diversity
sex allocation
wind pollination
RP5005July 27th 4:45 pmLack of reproductive isolation and environmental niche overlap explains the presence of species complexes in the genus HedychiumReproductive ProcessesPaperXavier, Aleena; Saryan, Preeti; Gowda, Vinita.species complex
environmental niche

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