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Igic, Boris [1].

The Distribution of Self-incompatibility is Credibly Amazing and You Will Not Believe the Latest Data.

Nearly one half of all flowering plant species express genetically enforced self-incompatibility (SI). Contrary to the commonly held belief that it is a rare phenomenon--one confined to a few families, and more-or-less waffly in its expression--SI has all of the hallmarks of a remarkable key innovation: it has independently arisen many times, it is maintained against good odds, and appears to be strongly associated with increased diversification rates. I will show our latest data on the distribution of SI, as well as the vastly improved discovery process of its genetic bases, driven by simple transcriptome- and genome-enabled approaches, and aided by vintage gold standards: logic and manual crossing data. The key finding is unsettling: SI is nearly everywhere and, in nearly all cases, we know dispropotionately little about it.

1 - University of Illinois at Chicago

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Number: RP2002
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