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Burke, Janelle [1].

Using WikiEdu platform as a class project in Botany courses.

Wiki Education is a non-profit organization that has built a platform that supports course assignments that interact with Wikipedia. I discuss adopting the Wiki Education platform my my Plant Diversity course over several semesters, and the benefits and challenges to students. Students were assigned a species page 'stub', to edit and expand over the course of the semester. The Wiki Education platform provided structured trainings and course timelines that were easy to maniuplate for my course. I dedicated several lab periods towards WikiEdu work sessions and support. The WikiEdu project can also be supported in a virtual environment. Most students enjoyed being able to create an assignment and edit content that would be public-facing.

1 - Howard University, Biology, Washington, DC, 20059, USA

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Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Number: EO2013
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