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Crops and Wild Relatives

Michaels, Helen [1], Beligala, Gayathri U. [1], Wilson, Rachel A. [1], Phuntumart, Vipaporn [1].

Candidate genes for speckled seeds in a wild relative of crop lupins.

Seed coats protect and control germination of seeds in response to environmental stimuli. Although seed coat colors can influence interactions with predators and pathogens, because seed color phenotypes influence consumer preferences and tissue chemistry, variation is often narrowed during domestication. While seed coat pigments, produced by well-studied flavonoid pathways, are visible phenotypic traits, they may covary with less apparent biochemical or physical traits that develop through interconnected pathways. Insight into how this phenotypic variation is generated and its evolution may be revealed by comparisons to wild relatives.  A previous RNA-seq study comparing white and speckled seed coats in a wild lupin identified 58 differentially expressed regions, including an early anthocyanin pathway gene, a transcription factor, and several disease resistance clusters. To narrow the field of candidates, differentially expressed clusters were mapped against a lupin crop genomes to determine whether any were associated with previously published SNP markers for a proposed speckled locus.

1 - Bowling Green State University, Dept Of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green, OH, 43403, United States

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