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Mortimer, Sebastian [1], Ashman, Tia-Lynn [2], Liston, Aaron [3].

Hybridization in Octoploid Fragaria.

The progenitor species of the cultivated octoploid strawberry Fragaria x ananassa are both native to western North America. In the Pacific Northwest Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria virginiana populations are closely allopatric sometimes as close as 8 km. Botanists have described naturally occurring hybrid populations occurring from British Columbia to northern California as Fragaria x ananassa ssp. cuneifolia and as Fragaria x cuneifolia. We combined WGS data from previously published studies with targeted field collections and searched for patterns of hybridization in Pacific Northwest octoploid strawberries.

1 - Oregon State University, Botany and Plant Pathology, Corvallis, OR, US
2 - Department Of Biological Sciences, 1252 Bellerock Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15217, United States
3 - Oregon State University, Botany and Plant Pathology, Corvallis, Oregon, US


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Number: PHYLO I005
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