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Dodson, Kayleigh [1].

Drought-tolerance of invasive Lantana strigocamara and endangered Lantana depressa..

Invasive flowering plant Lantana strigocamara (syn. cultivar Lantana camara) and its close relative Lantana depressa, an endangered native Florida species, have been hybridizing for many decades. Although these two species bear morphological similarity and are able to interbreed, L. strigocamara inhabits tropical environments around the globe while L. depressa is confined to the pine rocklands and coastal sands of Southern Florida. In this preliminary study, we assess the physiological response and recovery of these two species to water stress. Our preliminary results indicate that L. strigocamara leaves lose more water more quickly than L. depressa but are able to rehydrate to a water saturation level closer to its original state. This greater physiological ability to cope with water stress may play a role in the invasiveness of L. strigocamara.

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drought resistance
leaf water retention.

Presentation Type: Germinating Ideas Lightning Talk
Number: LT2017
Abstract ID:574
Candidate for Awards:Physiological Section Physiological Section Li-COR Prize

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