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Batke, Sven [1], Reyes, Johan David [2], Dallimore, Thom [1], Marcio, Pie [1].

Ferns and lycophytes in Honduras - collection bias, climate change and conservation issues.

Ferns and lycophytes in Honduras have until recently received relatively little scientific attention. 713 species of ferns and lycophytes are currently recognised in the new checklist for the country. However, until now it has not been possible to identify spatial and temporal collection biases in Honduras, or to study threats from climate change. In this talk we are presenting for the first time a new comprehensive database of fern and lycophyte records from Honduras. We are combing this new database with field observations and climate model simulations, to demonstrate that ferns and lycophytes are at greater risk than previously thought. We will be discussing our findings in the light of ongoing political and educational barriers and make recommendations on how we can empower the next generation of botanists in Honduras.

1 - Edge Hill University , Biology, Saint Helens, United Kingdom
2 - Edge Hill University, St Helens Road, Forest Court / Rowan 27, Ormsirk, LAN, L39 4QP, United Kingdom

climate change

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Number: PTR2003
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