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Vallejo-Marin, Mario [1], Pereira Nunes, Carlos Eduardo [2], Russell, Avery L. [3], Woodrow, Charlie [4], Montealegre-Z, Fernando [4].

Functional significance of anther cones in buzz-pollinated Solanum flowers.

Buzz-pollinated flowers rely on visitation by bees capable of producing powerful vibrations to remove pollen from tube-like anthers. Among buzz-pollinated plants, a stereotypical floral structure that has convergently evolved across multiple species in disparate families is the anther cone, which consists of enlarged tubular stamens forming a tightly adpressed conical structure at the centre of the flower. To date, few studies have experimentally investigated the functional significance of anther cones. Here we report the results of experiments investigating the effect of synthetically created joined anther cones on the transmission of bee-like vibrations on flowers, and on pollen release. We show that joined anther cones alter the vibrational response of buzz-pollinated flowers and can increase pollen removal.

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1 - University Of Stirling, Biological And Environmental Scinces, Cottrell Building, Stirling, STG, FK9 4LA, United Kingdom
2 - University of Stirling, UK
3 - Missouri State University, USA
4 - University of Lincoln, UK

buzz pollination
floral evolution

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Number: RP3006
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