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Nikolov, Lachezar [1].

Insights into plant cell identity from single-cell transcriptome profiling.

Current technologies allow to characterize the transcriptional profiles of thousands of individual cells with exceptional resolution, and systematic efforts to describe plant cell diversity of different organs and species is underway. The trove of data has shed light on the developmental programs that control cell fate acquisition and differentiation in selected cell types and provided novel insights into their metabolism and physiology. These advances offer new opportunities to understand plant cell identity and define plant cell types and states, and to compare plant transcriptional programs with the gene expression profiles of metazoan cell types. Using Tabula Floris, our single-cell atlas of the flower, I discuss the degree of relatedness and fluidity of the transcriptional programs of the cell types of arguably the most complex structure of flowering plants. Such comparative analyses allow to describe the diversity of floral cell types, characterize the heterogeneity of traditionally recognized plant tissues, and identify shared genetic features among distinct cell types. These observations provide new perspectives on the identity of plant cell types.

1 - UCLA, Molecular, Cell And Developmental Biology, 1843 Thayer Ave, 4018 TLSB Terasaki Life Sciences Building, Los Angeles, CA, 90025, United States

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Tabula Floris
Floral anatomy.

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