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Khalid, Anisa [1], Mason, Chase [1].

Documenting phenotypic and genotypic traits among 92 varieties of Capsicum spp. to crossbreed new nutritious and disease-resistant varieties.

The diversity among Capsicum spp. has been of special interest to the agricultural industry and the home gardener alike. The presence of capsaicinoids (secondary metabolites that provide a spicy flavor) is the distinguishing characteristic of Capsicum peppers, making these fruits a unique addition to the human diet and a valuable part of dozens of regional cuisines across all inhabited continents. Qualities such as size, color, shape, flavor, and pest and pathogen resistances can be combined into new varieties through cross pollination and subsequent selection. This project has documented the prevalence of genetic resistance to a diverse range of pests and pathogens among 92 different varieties of Capsicum, including bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens as well as invertebrates like aphids and root nematodes. In particular, our work examined the distribution of pathogen resistance alleles across the five edible species, across the global geographic regions from which diverse heirloom varieties originate, and across major morphological groups and market classes. Other phenotypic traits such as size, pericarp thickness, and vitamin content have been quantified using hyperspectral imaging, image analysis, and capillary electrophoresis. This work informs efforts by the Plant Breeding Initiative, a function of the student chapter of the Botanical Society of America at the University of Central Florida, to develop new disease-resistant, flavorful, and nutritious varieties of peppers that are well-adapted to the unique central Florida climate.

1 - University Of Central Florida, Department Of Biology, 4110 Libra Dr, Orlando, FL, 32816, United States

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