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Kao, Tzu-Tong [1], Wang, Tzu-Haw [1], Ku, Chuan [1].

Rampant nuclear-mitochondrial-plastid phylogenomic discordance in globally distributed calcifying microalgae.

Incongruent phylogenies have been widely observed between nuclear and plastid or mitochondrial genomes in terrestrial plants and animals. However, few studies have examined these patterns in microalgae or the discordance between the two organelles. Here we investigated the nuclear-mitochondrial-plastid phylogenomic incongruence in EmilianiaGephyrocapsa, a group of cosmopolitan calcifying phytoplankton with enormous populations and recent speciations. We de novo assembled mitochondrial and plastid genomes of 27 strains from across global oceans and temperature regimes, and analyzed the phylogenomic histories of the three compartments using concatenation and coalescence methods. Six major clades with varying morphology and distribution are well recognized in the nuclear phylogeny, but such relationships are absent in the mitochondrial and plastid phylogenies, which also differ substantially from each other. The rampant phylogenomic discordance is due to a combination of organellar capture (introgression), organellar genome recombination, and incomplete lineage sorting of ancient polymorphic organellar genomes. Hybridization can lead to replacements of whole organellar genomes without introgression of nuclear genes and the two organelles are not inherited as a single cytoplasmic unit. This study illustrates the convoluted evolution and inheritance of organellar genomes in microalgae and provides a window into the phylogenomic complexity of marine unicellular eukaryotes.

1 - Academia Sinica, Institute Of Plant And Microbial Biology, R220, IPMB, Academia Sinica, 128, Sect. 2, Academia Rd., Taipei, 11529, Taiwan

cytonuclear discordance
inter-organellar discordance
organelle inheritance
marine phytoplankton

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Number: PHYLO III015
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