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, Rida Sait [1], Krakos, Kyra Neipp [2].

Generalist vs Specialist Pollination in Color Variants of Phlox paniculata.

The morphology of a plant species can vary across years, impacting the visitation rate of pollinators. The variation present in floral color and display size can affect pollinator preference. This study looked at the herbaceous perennial species Phlox paniculata and examined the relationship between visitation observations, morphology measurements, and pollination treatments to determine the pollination system in 2014, 2020, and 2021 for both variants. There was found to be a difference in visitation rate in the two variants, with the purple variant holding a higher visitation rate in both years; however, it was not statistically different. This difference in pollinator visitation rate may be due to the generalist pollination system pattern seen in the purple variant. While the year 2021 had very low visitation rates for pollinators in both color varieties, the pattern of a more generalist pollination system for purple remains consistent across all years. Research on the different pollination systems of Phlox paniculata is essential for the conservation and maintaining the biodiversity of the species.

1 - Maryville University, School Arts and Science, 650 Maryville University Drive, St Louis, MO, 63141, United States
2 - Maryville University, Biology, 650 Maryville University, St Louis, MO, 63141, United States

Phlox paniculata
Color variants 
Generalists vs Specialists .

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