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Conservation Biology

Coffey, Emily [1], Smith, Ashlynn [1], Loy, Xingwen [1].

40 Trees: insights from the hurricane survivors of an endangered conifer.

Florida torreya (Torreya taxifolia) is one of the most threatened conifers in the world. In the wild, this species is restricted to small glacial refugia along the Apalachicola River, with most individuals being found in and around Torreya State Park. Unfortunately, in 2018 Hurricane Michael devastated this region, destroying huge swathes of forest and killing many torreya trees. Following the hurricane, the Southeastern Center for Conservation (Atlanta Botanical Garden) and collaborators launched several urgent conservation and research efforts. Among these efforts is a multi-year study that follows the health of 40 of the torreya trees that managed to survive the initial impact. Detailed ecological surveys of these 40 trees reveal unexpected positive effects of the hurricane on some of the survivors but also potential links to one of the greatest threats to this critically endangered tree: the mysterious torreya canker disease.

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1 - Atlanta Botanical Garden, Conservation & Research, 1345 PIEDMONT AVE NE, ATLANTA, GA, 30309, United States

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Number: CB2004
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