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Chan, Patricia [1], Sipperly, Nicolette [2], Glos, Rosemary [3], Pham, Kasey [4], Guan, Clarice [5].

Science, Art, and You: Harnessing Creativity from Process to Project.

Are you interested in weaving art into your scientific process? Impressed by other scientists’ polished figures but not sure where to start? This workshop is for you! Join a panel of artist-scientists to explore how you can use art to inform and communicate your research. Art, like science, can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating art into your research can be as simple as doodling your study system or creating a reusable graphic for your presentations. In the first portion of this workshop, you will see examples of scientific art created in diverse media for a range of audiences, including scientists themselves, other scientists, students, and the general public. Presenters will bring you on a “behind the scenes” tour of their creative process, showing not just the final product but also the progress and pitfalls along the way. In the second portion of the workshop, you will embark on a guided exploration of the ways you can use art as a tool to improve your own scientific process. You will also be encouraged to consider potential audiences, media, and methods that would suit your research. This is a space to envision the role that creativity can play in your science and discuss with fellow participants to develop ideas collaboratively. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to bridge the gap between art and science, especially those who are intrigued but haven’t taken the plunge. People who already have some art experience will gain exposure to new approaches and have the opportunity to network with current and future sci-artists. The organizers are students who each take a unique approach to botanical sciart and believe that art and science are deeply intertwined.

1 - University Of Wisconsin Madison, Botany, Birge Hall, Madison, WI, 53703, United States
2 - Stonybrook University
3 - Michigan State University
4 - University of Florida
5 - Cornell University

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Presentation Type: Workshop
Number: W03001
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