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Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics

Schlenk, Noelle [1], Wessinger, Carolyn [2], Hileman, Lena [1].

The Penstemon kunthii draft genome: integrating a genetic map with assembled sequence.

A high resolution genome for Penstemon kunthii is a key component of investigating the genetic basis of floral trait divergence between hummingbird-pollinated P. kunthii and bee-pollinated P. amphorellae. We sequenced the P. kunthii genome using long-read PacBio HiFi sequencing and Hi-C chromosome conformation capture. This resulted in an assembled genome of ca. 500 Mb in eight contigs, presumably corresponding to the eight Penstemon chromosomes. BUSCO analysis using the viridiplantae database revealed 99.3% completeness with 10.6% duplication. To confirm assembly accuracy, we are comparing the assembly to a genetic map derived from a cross between P. kunthii and P. amphorellae. P. kunthii and P. amphorellae parents along with 298 F2 individuals were genotyped using Multiplexed Shotgun Genotype sequencing (MSG) with the AseI restriction enzyme. MSG SNP data will be used to generate a genetic map which will be compared to our assembly. Any mis-ordering identified in the genome through this comparison will be manually corrected. A confident assembly and future annotation of the P. kunthii genome will form the foundation for identifying candidate genes discovered through QTL mapping of floral traits that distinguish bee-pollinated P. amphorellae from hummingbird-adapted P. kunthii.

1 - University of Kansas, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 1200 Sunnyside Ave, Lawrence, KS, 66045, United States
2 - University Of South Carolina, Biological Sciences, 715 Sumter St, Columbia, SC, 29208, United States

genome assembly
genetic map.

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