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Magney, David [1].

The Rich Flora of Ventura County, California.

The vascular plant flora of Ventura County, California is rich and diverse, consisting of approximately 1,951 native specific and infraspecific taxa and 2,657 native and naturalized taxa. Ventura County is 4,806.1 square kilometers (1,855.6 square miles) and ranges in elevation from sea level to 2,692 meters (8,831 feet). The flora is represented by 766 genera in 158 families. Approximately 73% of the plants are native taxa. While Ventura County only represents 1% of the land area of California, it contains 37% of the California flora (native and naturalized). It ranks second in species richness only to San Bernardino County, which is x times the size of Ventura County. Ventura County has more taxa than 13 states and 2 districts/territories.

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1 - California Native Plant Society, 2707 K Street, Suite 1, Sacramento, CA, 95816, United States

Ventura County

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