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Smith, Stephen [1], Yang, Ya [2], Goncalves, Deise [3], Larson, Drew [1], Chanderbali, Andre [4].

Phylotranscriptomic analyses: using RNA-seq data in phylogenetic reconstruction and evolutionary analyses.

RNA-seq data have become more common for non-model organisms as costs have lowered. Often, however, researchers do not realize the full utility of these rich datasets because of barriers to data analysis. In this workshop, we will examine several uses for RNA-seq data including building gene trees and species tree, targeted gene family evolution analysis, and detecting gene and genome duplication. The workshop will be divided into two modules. For the first 1.5 hours, we will go over the basic concepts, approaches, challenges, and examples of transcriptome analyses in non-model plants in a series of short presentations and discussions. After a short break, the next ~2.5 hours will be hands-on tutorials using virtual machines. Workshop participants will be given the necessary scripts, instructions, and test data. No other special knowledge required. For those who are not familiar with command line interface, additional tutorial instructions will be provided. Participants can choose to only participate in the lecture & discussion module (no prior registration required), or the full workshop including the hands-on session (registered participants only).

1 - University of Michigan
2 - University of Minnesota, Plant and Microbial Biology, 1445 Gortner Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55108, United States
3 - University Of Michigan, Ecology And Evolutionary Biology, 800 Fuller St. APT #16, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, United States
4 - University of Florida

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