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Sharaibi, Olubunmi Josephine [1].

Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants Used by Eegun People in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

The objective of this study was to establish a regional profile of the indigenous knowledge system (IKS) for medicinal plants used in the treatment of various diseases in Badagry local community of Lagos State, Nigeria. An ethnobotanical survey was undertaken to collect information from herb sellers, traditional healers and other people from different walks of life that gave their consent in granting the interviews in the study area during March and October 2020. Sixty (60) medicinal plant species that belong to 35 families were identified for the treatment of various diseases and disorders in the community. The highest number of plants were mentioned for the treatment of infections (15) followed by infertility (10) and malaria (10) while internal heat (2) had the least number of plants mentioned. Leaves were the highest mentioned plant parts followed by fruits, bark and roots while using the whole plant was the least mentioned. Allium sativum had the highest value for relative frequency of citations (RFC) while Vateria indica had the lowest frequency of citations. Some of the plants identified were mentioned for the treatment of more than one disease/ailment; Allium sp (6) had the highest number of diseases being used for. This was followed by Carica papaya (3), Citrus medica (3), Aloe barbadensis (2), Jatropha gossypifolia (2), Morinda lucida (2), Mangifera indica (2), Persea americana (2), Eugenia aromatica (2) while the remaining medicinal plants were mentioned for one disease each. Decoctions and infusions were the most popular modes of preparation while oral use was the most common method of administration. Topical administrations occured to a lesser extent. This study allowed for identification and documentation of many high valued medicinal plant species, indicating high potential for economic development through sustainable collection of these medicinal plants.

1 - Lagos State University, Botany, Lagos-Badagry Expressway,, Ojo, Lagos, 001

Medicinal Plants
Eegun people
Lagos State

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