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Hybrids and Hybridization

Baker, Marc [1], Majure, Lucas [2], Cloud-Hughes, Michelle [3], Rebman, Jon [4].

×Cylindronia, a new nothogenus representing the first reported hybrid between Grusonia and Cylindropuntia (CACTACEAE).

The rare Baja endemic cactus Grusonia robertsii Rebman was originally hypothesized to be an intergeneric hybrid between G. invicta (Brandegee) E. F. Anderson and Cylindropuntia alcahes (F. A. C. Weber) F. M. Knuth subsp. alcahes (Rebman) but was described as a Grusonia due to its overall greater similarity to G. invicta, except in the fruit. A more detailed examination of the morphology and genetics of G. robertsii has revealed that Rebman’s original hypothesis was correct, and this taxon represents the first documented intergeneric hybrid between the genera Cylindropuntia and Grusonia, with G. invicta as the maternal parent and C. alcahes subsp. alcahes as the paternal contributor. As a result of these studies, we have described a new nothogenus, ×Cylindronia, and a new nothospecies, ×Cylindronia robertsii.

1 - Arizona State University , School of Life Sciences, Life Sciences Center , 427 E Tyler Mall, Tempe , AZ , 85281, USA
2 - Florida Museum Of Natural History, Department Of Natural History, 1659 Museum Rd. , Gainesville, FL, 32611, United States
3 - Desert Solitaire Botany And Ecological Restoration, 3622 Jackdaw Street, San Diego, 92103, United States
4 - San Diego Natural History Museum, Botany, 1788 El Prado, Balboa Park , San Diego, CA , 92101, USA

intergeneric hybridization

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