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Owoyemi, Adekola [1], Goertzen, Leslie [2].

Genomic and Biogeographical Analysis of Eleusine.

Eleusine Gaertn. (Poaceae, subfamily Chloridoideae), is a small group of closely related and distinct grass species endemic to Africa. There is a sustained interest in the relationships and adaptations of the species, partly due to the economic and ecological impacts of a super crop (E. coracana) and a weed species (E. indica) in the genus. Analyses to elucidate the genotypic variations and phenotypic adaptations in E. coracana have been based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). However, studies show that SNPs do not capture long genomic variations that equally contribute to observable characteristics. Here, we investigated structural variations in E. coracana. Whole-genome sequence (WGS) analysis revealed a high occurrence of structural variants (SV) in Eleusine coracana with 93 inversions, 1,922 duplications, and 3,344 deletions variants. Analysis of identified structural variants indicated 324 genes overlap inversion events, 40,747 gene coding regions overlap duplication events, and 41,238 gene coding regions overlap deletion events across the chromosomes. The overlap with gene coding regions agrees with the hypothesis that SVs pose structural and functional constraints on genes and possibly affect gene dosages. These high deletion and duplication events are consistent with SV analyses in other plants, especially polyploids. We also characterized the eco-geographical distribution of the different Eleusine species in Africa with 33 bioclimatic and soil variables using Maxent software. Maxent modeling revealed a high degree of variation in the probability of Eleusine species on the African continent and indicated possible suitable environments in new locations. Variable contribution analyses showed biologically relevant aspects of temperature and precipitation as the most consistent predictor variable for Eleusine species. This study presents the first data uncovering genomic variation and environmental preferences in Eleusine and can help our understanding of the genus.

1 - 560 Perry St, APT 333, Auburn, AL, 36830, United States
2 - Biological Sciences, Auburn, AL, 36849, United States

Eleusine coracana
Structural variation
geographical distribution
Maxent .

Presentation Type: Germinating Ideas Lightning Talk
Number: LT2021
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