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Bonifacino, Mauricio [1], Heiden, Gustavo [2], Mandel, Jennifer [3], Sancho, Gisela [4].

Morphology and Classification of Compositae: Comps at the extreme edition.

The objective of the workshop is to present an overview of the current knowledge on Compositae classification, evolution and biogeography, with an emphasis on morphological characterization of the many tribes. The workshop will be carried out at the University of Alaska - Anchorage and it will extend over two days. On day one, through a series of short lectures, participants will be taken on a journey to discover the Compositae. They will be provided with the tools to easily understand the specialized terminology and a road map to navigate the intricate taxonomy by means of the characterization of the main groups in the most successful plant family on Earth. On day two, participants will get hands-on experience recognizing the main features of the most relevant groups in the family by means of analyzing plant material under the stereoscope. In addition, workshop participants could opt to go on a field trip to test their ID skills in the field while experiencing the amazing Alaska wilderness.

1 - Universidad de la Rep├║blica (Uruguay)
2 - EMPBRAPA Clima Temperado (Brazil)
3 - University Of Memphis, Biological Sciences, 3700 Walker Ave, 339 Ellington Hall, Memphis, TN, 38152, United States
4 - Museo de La Plata (Argentina)

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