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Monday, July 25th

Monday, July 25th, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm · Tubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina Center
Session BI&HD I: Contributed Papers: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium Digitization I
Presiding: Santiago D Cardenas, The College of New Jersey; Shawn Krosnick, Tennessee Technological University
BI&HD I001July 25th 8:00 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterComparing herbivory in invasive and native honeysuckles using manual and automated methodsOral PaperCardenas, Santiago D; Clement, Wendy.herbarium specimen
invasive species
Machine Learning
BI&HD I002July 25th 8:15 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterUsing deep learning image clustering to aid species delimitation within the Vitis arizonica complexOral PaperFochesatto, Stefano; Shavlik, Matthew; Ickert-Bond, Steffi; Hodel, Richard; Wen, Jun.deep learning
Machine Learning
Vitis arizonica complex
species delimitation
herbarium specimens
BI&HD I003July 25th 8:30 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterAssessment of sequencing bias in genomic-level projects using herbarium specimens of five invasive speciesOral PaperMotley, M'Kayla; Hofford, Nate; Barrett, Craig; Beck, James; Khanal, Deva Raj; Kooyers, Nicholas; Latvis, Maribeth; Ramachandran, Dhanushya; Sigel, Erin; Sutherland, Brittany; McKain, Michael.herbarium genomics
sequencing bias
BI&HD I004July 25th 8:45 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterComparing the Quality of Various Open Sourced Datasets Utilizing Known Patterns of Edaphic Endemism and GIS AnalysesOral PaperAndreski, Christina; Jolles, Diana.Edaphic Endemism
Substrate specialist
GIS analyses
herbarium specimen
spatial data
open source
BI&HD I005July 25th 9:00 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterMaking the collection of field data as easy as (Survey) 1-2-3: digital field notes and specimen labels with ArcGIS onlineOral PaperKrosnick, Shawn.Survey123
Field Botany
field studies
BI&HD I006July 25th 9:15 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterQuantifying Error in Occurrence Data: A Framework for the Use of Citizen Science and Digitized Herbarium Data in Plant Families of the Southeastern United StatesOral PaperWhite, Elizabeth.
BI&HD I007July 25th 9:30 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterPredicting future Arctostaphylos species distribution using machine learningOral PaperKao, Jenni; Huang, Yi; Morrison, Glen R; Litt, Amy.manzanita
climate change
California Floristic Province
Machine Learning
July 25th 9:45 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterBreak
BI&HD I009July 25th 10:15 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterSpatial phylogenetic diversity and endemism in the floristic North American Coastal Plain: a Global Biodiversity HotspotOral PaperKinser, Taliesin; Allen, Julie; Barve, Narayani; Whitehurst, Lauren; White, Elizabeth; Guralnick, Robert; Soltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas.phylogenetics
Southeastern Flora
BI&HD I010July 25th 10:30 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterModular Machine Learning Methods for End-to-End Automated Phenotypic Trait Extraction from Digitized Herbarium VouchersOral PaperWeaver, William; Laport, Robert; Jaime-Rivera, Jorge; Ng, Julienne; Smith, Stephen.Herbarium Digitization
Machine Learning
plant traits
convolutional neural networks
Specimen processing
BI&HD I011July 25th 10:45 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterResolving species names rapidly and accurately with the “taxastand” R packageOral PaperNitta, Joel; Iwasaki, Wataru.R
BI&HD I012July 25th 11:00 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterApplying the Digital Extended Specimen: building collections and integrating dataOral PaperHansen, Sara; Hackett, Rachel; Cahill, Blake; Cuthrell, David; Monfils, Michael; Belitz, Michael; Goebel, Ryan; Rowe, Logan; Monfils, Anna.
BI&HD I013July 25th 11:15 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterEmbrapa Reference Collections for Genetic ResourcesOral PaperHeiden, Gustavo; Mazzocato, Ana Cristina; Lopes, Andrielle Camara Amaral; Carpanezii, Antonio Aparecido; Pires, Carmen Silvia Soares; Urbanetz, Catia; Gomes, Cesar Bauer; Fontes, Eliane Maria Gouveia; Fidelis, Elisangela Gomes; Souza, Fernanda Ilkiu Borges de; Souza, Helena Joseane Raiol; Silva, Lorena Mara Alexandre e; Kiil, Lucia Helena Piedade; Maués, Marcia Motta; Benito, Norton Polo; Carneiro, Regina Maria Dechechi; Xavier Junior, Sebatião Ribeiro; Noronha, Sérgio Eustáquio de; Rodrigues, Silvane Tavares; Cavalcanti, Taciana.Herbarium
Atlantic Rainforest
BI&HD I014July 25th 11:30 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina CenterDigitization of Pakistani Herbaria and Botanic Gardens: An Approach for Data MobilizationOral PaperYaseen, Ghulam; Ahmad, Mushtaq; Zafar, Muhammad; Sultana, Shazia.Biodiversity
BI&HD I015July 25th 11:45 amTubughnenq' 3/Dena'ina Center
Using digitized herbarium specimens to identify evolutionarily diverse hotspots in Florida
Oral PaperWhitehurst, Lauren; Kinser, Taliesin; Allen, Julie; Barve, Narayani; White, Elizabeth; Guralnick, Robert; Soltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas.phylogenetics
Monday, July 25th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Idlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina Center
Session P: Contributed Posters: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium Digitization Posters
PBI001July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterEasing the Transfer of Knowledge: A Herbarium Processing ToolkitPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationAckerfield, Jennifer; Yousse, Margo.Collections management
Specimen processing
PBI002July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterToward a completely open-source 3D printable laboratory: The Biological Affordable Imaging with Raspberry Pi (BAIR) SystemPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationMcNair, Mason C; Cocioba, Sebastian; Pietrzyk, Peter.3d printed
low cost
open source
Citizen Science
wet lab
PBI003July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterDigitization of the Lagos University Herbarium - A complimentary conservation approachPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationOnuminya, Temitope; Ogundipe, Oluwatoyin; Igbari, Dolapo; Kemabonta, Kehinde.Biodiversity
Herbarium Digitization
PBI004July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterThe Leo A. Galloway Herbarium at Missouri Western State University- showcasing floralspecimens from North West Missouri and adjacent areasPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationPar, Esther; Roy, T.
PBI005July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterImproving Ecological Niche Modeling: Comparing Methods of Spatial and Climatic Rarefaction on Geographically Restricted and Widespread Species of Asclepias (Apocynaceae)Poster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationKunkel, David; Fishbein, Mark.Ecological niche model
data filtering
spatial data
PBI006July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterNew professional development offerings from iDigBio's Digitization AcademyPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationMast, Austin; Cohen, Lauren; Krimmel, Erica.iDigBio
Biodiversity Informatics
Herbarium Digitization
Professional Development
Citizen Science
PBI007July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterTRANSFER LEARNING FOR AUTOMATED PHENOPHASE PREDICTION OF PARASITIC STRIGAPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationMcCormick, Shelby; Bellis, Emily.Herbarium Digitization
Machine Learning
PBI008July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina Center3D floral morphological model and color variances in PedicularisPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationYang, Yue; Jin, JianJun; Eaton, Deren.3D model
Floral morphology
PBI009July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterThe People's Herbarium: Digitizing the USDA's Preserved Plant CollectionPoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationSvoboda, Harlan.Herbarium
PBI010July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterNew Online Resources for the Desert Legume Program (DELEP)Poster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationCharboneau, Joseph; Johnson, Matthew B.; McMahon, Michelle.Fabaceae
seed banking
Wild relatives
web content
PBI011July 25th 5:30 pmIdlughet (Eklutna) Exhibit Hall/Dena'ina CenterDNA Barcoding the Plants of Nevada State CollegePoster: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium DigitizationDertien, Joseph; Yokomizo, Alexandra; Hunnicutt, Shawna; Hall, Alyssa.DNA barcoding

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th, 10:15 am to 12:00 pm · Kahtnu 1/Dena'ina Center
Session BI&HD II: Contributed Papers: Biodiversity Informatics & Herbarium Digitization II
Presiding: Austin Mast, Florida State University; David Hearn, Towson University
BI&HD II001July 26th 10:15 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterEcoFloras provide valuable insight into the use of iNaturalist dataOral PaperAckerfield, Jennifer; Lichtenberger, Taran; Davis, Jeny; Paradiso, Lydia.iNaturalist
community engagement
Citizen Science
Botanic gardens
BI&HD II002July 26th 10:30 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterDemonstration of the use of computational linguistics and machine learning to identify phenological anomalies described in the world’s biodiversity specimen recordsOral PaperMast, Austin; Tian, Shubo; He, Zhe; Krimmel, Erica; Pichardo-Marcano, Fritz; Buckley, Mikayla; Gomez, Sophia; Hennessey, Ashley; Horn, Allyson; Howell, Olivia.phenology
Computational linguistics
Machine Learning
Anomaly detection
Global change
Biodiversity Informatics
BI&HD II003July 26th 10:45 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterThe Herbarium of Economic Botany of Ecuador (QUSF)Oral PaperValdebenito, Hugo.Ecuador
Economic Botany
BI&HD II004July 26th 11:00 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterParasitic flowering plant collections embody the extended specimenOral PaperTeixeira-Costa, Luiza; Heberling, Mason; Wilson, Carol; Davis, Charles.
BI&HD II005July 26th 11:15 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterAnalyzing spatial bias in herbarium data in Oklahoma and TexasOral PaperHubbard, Sierra; Fishbein, Mark.Herbarium Digitization
BI&HD II006July 26th 11:30 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterSampling biases in herbarium data inflate signatures of climate change: causes and solutionsOral PaperHearn, David.sampling bias
climate change
Herbarium Digitization
order statistics
spring ephemeral
BI&HD II007July 26th 11:45 amKahtnu 1/Dena'ina CenterA general theory of phenological timing reveals counterintuitive interpretations of historical patterns of phenological changeOral PaperHearn, David.Bayesian inference
phenological shift
biological timing
Herbarium Digitization
spring ephemeral

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