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Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th, 1:30 pm to 3:35 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina Center
Session LT1: Lightning Talks: Germinating Ideas I
Presiding: Melanie Link-Perez, University Of Tampa; Amy Litt, University Of California Riverside
LT1001July 27th 1:30 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterA high-quality genome of Joshua Tree (Yucca jaegeriana) as a resource for conservation biologyGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMacNeill, Bryan; McKain, Michael; Smith, Christopher; Heyduk, Karolina; Yoder, Jeremy; DeFalco, Lesley; Esque, Todd.genome composition
whole genome sequencing
climate change
LT1002July 27th 1:35 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterDo white flowers bloom before red flowers in North America? Leveraging public data to explore relationships between flower color and phenologyGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMcKenzie, Patrick.iNaturalist
Flower color
Community science
LT1003July 27th 1:40 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterWe turned our campus into an arboretum - and so can you!Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkWhitcomb, Sean.botanical garden
LT1004July 27th 1:45 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterDeveloping a Restriction Digest Marker to Identify Cryptic Species within Physcomitrium pyriformeGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkOgbeide, James; Bullock, Madison; Patel, Nikisha; Goffinet, Bernard; Medina, Rafael; Johnson, Matthew.Bryophyte
population genetics
LT1005July 27th 1:50 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterImaging the diversity of the partner dance within the lichen symbiosisGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkScharnagl, Klara.lichen
LT1006July 27th 1:55 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina Center
High-throughput 3D pitcher plant phenotyping for QTL mapping
Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkBaldwin, Ethan; Leebens-Mack, Jim.carnivory
LT1007July 27th 2:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterBiogeography of Tanaecium (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae)Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkFrazão, Annelise; Lohmann, Lucia.Neotropical biodiversity
climbing plants
trumpet-creeper family
LT1008July 27th 2:05 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterWomen in Brazilian BotanyGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkFrazao, Annelise; Santana, Pamela; Scatena, Vera; Viana, Rebeca V. R..women in science
diversity in science
LT1009July 27th 2:10 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterFlipped elevational pattern in pollination mode in tropical vs temperate plantsGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkDellinger, Agnes; Hamilton, Ashley; Wessinger, Carolyn; Smith, Stacey.
LT1010July 27th 2:15 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterAssessing long-term cold stored DNA samples and their herbarium counterparts for usage in high-throughput sequencingGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMcAssey, Edward; Downs, Cassidy; Yorkston, Mitsuko; Morden, Clifford; Heyduk, Karolina.Herbarium
DNA Sequencing
LT1011July 27th 2:20 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterQuantifying and describing the pollination biology of the Texas wildflower Phlox drummondii Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkBurgin, Grace.Pollination
plant-pollinator interactions
LT1012July 27th 2:25 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterUsing Citizen Science to survey flower color variationGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkBlanco, Summer; Chang, Shumei.Citizen Science
Flower color
LT1013July 27th 2:30 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterAwash in data: hundreds of genomes, thousand of imagesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkKellogg, Elizabeth; AuBuchon-Elder, Taylor; Schulz, Aimee; Petersen, Kurt; Romay, Cinta; Seetharam, Arun; Hufford, Matthew; Buckler, Ed.Andropogoneae
LT1014July 27th 2:35 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterSearch for fungal endophytes through total grass genomic DNA enables the study of Loliinae-Epichloë holobiont evolutionGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkSotomayor Alge, Alba; Moreno Aguilar, María Fernanda; Inda Armendía, Luis Ángel; Zabalgogeazcoa González, Íñigo; Catalán Rodríguez, Pilar.Fungal endophytes
LT1015July 27th 2:40 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterCompeting selection on flower color by pollinators and herbivores: who wins?Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkTenhumberg, Brigitte; Dellinger, Agnes; Smith, Stacey.Anthocyanins
specialized metabolism
LT1016July 27th 2:45 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterThe effect of SGA variation in wild tomato species in defense against strains of Fusarium oxysporum.Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkRashidzade, Maryam.SGAs
Fusarium oxysporum
LT1017July 27th 2:50 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterComparative analysis of corolla shape transitions in the non-model sister genera Gesneria and Rhytidophyllum (Gesneriaceae)Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkVergolino, Carolina; Joly, Simon.Gesneriaceae
flower shape
LT1018July 27th 2:55 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterModulation of Protein Trafficking, Signaling Pathways, and Functional Responses by Metabolites Found in Florida Plant Varieties on Human Cells - Therapeutic PerspectivesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkNanjundan, Meera.
LT1019July 27th 3:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterSeed germination studies of the federally endangered Apalachicola Rosemary (Conradina glabra, Lamiaceae)Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkBrown, Noah; Carmichael, Amanda; Ligon, Jason; Smith, Ashlynn; Coffey, Emily; Eserman, Lauren.Conradina glabra
Seed germination
LT1020July 27th 3:05 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterEffects of Fire Frequency on Vegetation Diversity in Midwest Prairies and WoodlandsGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkHernandez, Tiany; Sandacz, Daniel; Vitt, Pati; Barak, Becky; Klick, Ken.Prairies
plant diversity
LT1021July 27th 3:10 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterInteraction of Light and Drought on Fern GametophytesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkJohnson, Hayla; Blake-Mahmud, Jennifer.stress
LT1022July 27th 3:15 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterImpact of Greenhouse Glazing and UV Light Transmission on the Growth and Reproduction of Helianthus annuusGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkWinter, Madison; Culley, Theresa.UV Light
Plant Growth
LT1023July 27th 3:20 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterDetermining progenitor species of the garden dahlia, Dahlia variabilis, through constructing an updated phylogeny for the Dahlia genus utilizing CompCos baitsGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMeharg, Zach; Harkess, Alex.phylogeny
LT1024July 27th 3:25 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterWhat is a population? Assessing genetic structure of federally endangered Dalea foliosa in Middle TennesseeGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkFox, Skyler; Morris, Ashley.population genetics
plant conservation
Dalea foliosa
molecular ecology
Wednesday, July 27th, 3:45 pm to 5:30 pm · Tikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina Center
Session LT2: Lightning Talks: Germinating Ideas II
Presiding: Melanie Link-Perez, University Of Tampa; Amy Litt, University Of California Riverside
LT2001July 27th 3:45 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterDraft genome sequences of two critically endangered lichens: Sticta deyana and Sulcaria isidiiferaGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkStewart-Ahn, Heather; Balderas, Eli; Cady, Gwendelen; Fetters, Alexandra; Huff, Trevor; Johnson, Michelle; Pfeffer, Bubba; Roussa, Lucy; Allen, Jessica.genomics
endangered species
Endemic Species
LT2002July 27th 3:50 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterKin discrimination and plastic responses in growth and floweringGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkLewis, Isabeau; Friedman, Jannice.kin selection
Mimulus guttatus
Mating system
LT2003July 27th 3:55 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterPlant Tracer: A smart phone app to track and quantify plant movement from time-lapse moviesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkBrenner, Eric; Zhao, Winnie; Mao, Yixiang; Guercio, Angelica; Plass, Jan; Wang, Yao.
LT2004July 27th 4:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterGetting to the "root" of the problem: increase plant science appreciation while improving student confidence and achievementGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkBrzyski, Jessica; McAllister, Nicole; Rosier, Renee.
LT2005July 27th 4:05 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterNSF-supported upgrades to the T.M. Sperry Herbarium, Pittsburg State UniversityGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkSnow, Neil.Herbarium curation
student mentoring
LT2006July 27th 4:10 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterPopulation structure of the gypsophilic Nama stevensii (Family Hydrophyllaceae) in northwestern OklahomaGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkLang, Angela; Messick, Jennifer.ddradseq
Nama stevensii
LT2007July 27th 4:15 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterA climatic niche model of wild Carica papaya and its relationship to farm yields and non-native establishmentGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkScheppler, Hannah; Moore, Rich.invasive species
Wild relatives
Species Distribution Modeling
Climatic niche
LT2008July 27th 4:20 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterThe Flora of JI Ranch in Pinal County, Arizona, USAGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMcNair, Daniel; Tu'tsi, Trent; Rocha, Dawn; Ruuska, Alex; Buckles, Avi.Arizona
LT2009July 27th 4:25 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterPhysiological and Morphological changes in Tragopogon (Asteraceae) AllopolyploidsGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMukhtar, Usama; Tate, Jennifer.polyploidy
LT2010July 27th 4:30 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterUsing basketry as a tool for teaching cross cultural competences in plant biology classesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMoses, Judith; Tuyisenge, Marie-Fidele; DeVore, Melanie; Pigg, Kathleen.ethnobotany
cross cultural education
LT2011July 27th 4:35 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterTeaching comprehensive climate change classes: what works, what doesn’t work and how to incorporate botanical contentGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkDeVore, Melanie; Pigg, Kathleen.climate change
Leaf Margin Analysis
LT2012July 27th 4:40 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterCombining columns, culture, and community history with a campus arboretumGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkDaniels, Susan; DeVore, Melanie; Plants and People of the World Class, Spring Semester 2022.Arboretum
Economic Botany
LT2013July 27th 4:45 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterStudying Drought and Warming on Lupinus nipomensis Survival and Reproduction through Greenhouse and eDNA Techniques Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkNguyen, Peter; Luong, Justin; Meyer, Rachel; Loik, Michael.species conservation
Evolutionary biology
Plant Growth
endangered species
LT2014July 27th 4:50 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterFossil Physocarpus (Ninebark) flowers and fruits from the Eocene of Republic, WashingtonGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkWeaver-Bryant, Annie; Pigg, Kathleen; DeVore, Melanie.Eocene
LT2015July 27th 4:55 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterGenetic Diversity and Spatial Genetic Structure of Guzmania monostachia (Bromeliaceae) in FloridaGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkKrupar, Shelby; Godden, Grant; Childs, Kevin; Cellinese, Nico.Bromeliaceae
genome assembly
population genomics
genome resequencing
LT2016July 27th 5:00 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterFossilized Miocene midge galls from Washington and IdahoGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMoses, Daniel.paleobotany
plant-insect ecology
LT2017July 27th 5:05 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterDrought-tolerance of invasive Lantana strigocamara and endangered Lantana depressa.Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkDodson, Kayleigh.drought resistance
leaf water retention
LT2018July 27th 5:10 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterMorphometric analysis of the Solanum appendiculatum species complex (Solanum sect. Anarrhichomenum)Germinating Ideas Lightning TalkBryant, Jacob; Tepe, Eric J..Solanum
LT2019July 27th 5:15 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterLight induced changes in leaf shape and epidermal cells in three Quercus speciesGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkPatharkar, Tanmayi.Epidermal morphology
leaf mass per area
stomtal index
light regulation
LT2020July 27th 5:20 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterLight induced changes in leaf shape and epidermal cells in Platanus occidentalisGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkMahajan, Isha; Wagner, Jenn; Lenny, Kouwenburg.Epidermal morphology
leaf mass per area
stomtal index
light regulation
LT2021July 27th 5:25 pmTikahtnu Ballroom B/Dena'ina CenterGenomic and Biogeographical Analysis of EleusineGerminating Ideas Lightning TalkOwoyemi, Adekola; Goertzen, Leslie.Eleusine
Eleusine coracana
Structural variation
geographical distribution

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