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The Botany of Invasions

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129Investigating Dispersal and Potential Colonization Success in an Annual PlantThe Botany of InvasionsQuarles, Brandie; Donohue, Kathleen.Seed Dispersal
Population Demography
Species Spread Rates
Biased Dispersal
Environmental Tracking
219Monkeyflower invasions: Highly admixed and hybrid populations dominate range expansions and are associated with the rapid evolution of local adaptationThe Botany of InvasionsVallejo-Marin, Mario.Mimulus
Biological invasions
Population genomics
flowering plant evolution
local adaptation
902Plant community transcriptomics: extending axes of functional diversity to inform invasion dynamicsThe Botany of InvasionsMarx, Hannah.RNA-seq
functional traits
community ecology
5The Botany of InvasionsThe Botany of InvasionsKooyers, Nicholas; Sutherland, Brittany; Barrett, Craig; Latvis, Maribeth; Sigel, Erin; McKain, Michael; Beck, James.
148The timing of invasions: learning about invasive plant phenology through botanical records, contemporary observations, and empirical studyThe Botany of InvasionsKuebbing, Sara; Reeb, Rachel; Schricker, Lauren.phenology
temperate forests
invasive plants
131Using herbarium genomics to understand genetic and phytobiome change in invaded novel environmentsThe Botany of InvasionsTurner , Kathryn G.invasion
evolutionary ecology
Chorispora tenella (Brassicaceae)

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