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82Understanding bed dynamics: seagrass genotypic diversity and growth strategies across different sampling scalesPopulation Genetics/GenomicsHamilton, Ashley; Lopez, Anthony; Larkin, Patrick.marine flora
genetic diversity
clonal growth
foundation species
conservation and restoration
49Underutilized Plants: Holistic Wealth Security of WorldConference WidePandey, Vashist.
196Unfolding Potential New Taxa of Paperflowers (Psilostrophe) on GypsumSystematicsAdler, Ava; Douglas, Norman; Flores Olvera, Hilda; Ochoterena, Helga; Moore, Michael.gypsum
New Mexico
59Using Digitized Herbarium Data in Research:  Applications for Ecology, Phylogenetics, and BiogeographyConference WideSoltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas; Folk, Ryan.digitized herbarium data
ecological niche modelling
phylogenetic diversity
spatial phylogenetics
53Using HHMI Videos and Data Points As Tools For Engaging Students From Molecules to EcosystemsConference WideGibson, Phil.Pedagogy
STEM Education
Case Study
Data Points
Video Case Study

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