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Presentations for Program:: Plant epigenetics: phenotypic and functional diversity beyond the DNA sequence

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Monday, July 27th

Monday, July 27th, 10:00 am to 2:15 pm · /
Symposium: Plant epigenetics: phenotypic and functional diversity beyond the DNA sequence
Presiding: Conchita Alonso, Estacion Biologica de Doñana, CSIC
July 27th 10:00 am/Introduction
0002July 27th 10:15 am/Environmental dynamics of DNA methylation in asexually reproducing plants Symposium PresentationVerhoeven, Koen; van Antro, Morgane; Peña Ponton, Cristian; Gawehns, Fleur.DNA methylation
Asexual Reproduction
Transgenerational memory
0003July 27th 10:45 am/Epigenetic modifications in response to heavy metal stress in two terrestrial bryophytesSymposium PresentationBoquete Seoane , M. Teresa; Alonso, Conchita; Richards, Christina L.; Schmid, Marc W.; Herrera, Carlos.mosses
Abiotic stress
epigenetic regulation
plant tolerance
Heavy metals
0004July 27th 11:15 am/A role of epigenetic variation in perennial climate adaptationSymposium PresentationToivainen, Tuomas; Fossdal, Carl Gunnar; Hytönen, Timo; Gaut, Brandon.Local Adaptation
July 27th 11:45 am/Break
0006July 27th 12:15 pm/Epigenome analyses reveal a key developmental regulator responsible for sex determinationSymposium PresentationBraeutigam, Katharina.DNA methylation
Gene expression
developmental program
sex determination
tree biology
0007July 27th 12:45 pm/Transgenerational responses to temperature modify locally adaptive signatures in Mimulus laciniatusSymposium PresentationColicchio , Jack M; Yuki, Cameron; Anderson, Ian; Adams, Sean; Smith, Aspen; Blackman, Benjamin.temperature
0008July 27th 1:15 pm/Albinism in Agave: an epigenetic clue involvedSymposium PresentationDe-la-Peña, Clelia; Duarte-Aké, Fátima; Us-Camas, Rosa.Somaclonal Variation
DNA methylation
Histone modifications
July 27th 1:45 pm/Discussion

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