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Heiden, Gustavo [1].

Astereae (Asteraceae) in Brazil.

Astereae has a worldwide distribution and is the second largest tribe of Asteraceae, comprising 36 subtribes, 252 genera and 3,100 species. This synthesys presents updated data on the richness of subtribes, genera and species of the Astereae tribe in Brazil. Through the study of scientific collections in herbaria, literature review and collection expeditions, an updated list of Astereae taxa occurring in the country is provided. 7 subtribes, 14-18 genera and 266 species are recorded, from which 133 are endemic. Baccharidinae s.l.: Asteropsis (1 sp.), Baccharis (192 spp., 114 endemics), Exostigma (2 spp.), Inulopsis (3 spp., 1 endemic), Microgyne (2 spp.), Plagiocheilus (1 sp.), Podocoma (5 spp.), Sommerfeltia (2 spp.). Chrysopsidinae: Noticastrum (10 spp., 3 endemics). Conyzinae: Erigeron s.l. (32 spp., 10 endemics) or considering genera segregated from Erigeron s.s. as Apopyros (2 spp., 1 endemic), Conyza 18 spp. (4 endemics), Hysterionica (5 spp., 2 endemics), Leptostelma (5 spp., 3 endemics), Neja (2 spp.). Egletinae: Egletes (1 sp.). Machaerantherinae: Grindelia (7 spp., 3 endemics). Solidaginae: Solidago (2 spp.). Symphyotrichinae: Symphyotrichum (6 spp., 1 endemic).

1 - Embrapa, Embrapa Clima Temperado, Rodovia BR 392, km 78, Pelotas, RS, 96083040, Brazil

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