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Schulte, Paul [1].

Does flow through conifer pit membranes deflect the torus?

Previous work using a computational solid mechanics approach was able to estimate the pressure across a pit membrane required to deflect the torus enough to seal the pit. A related question would consider how much fluid flow through the pit membrane would generate pressure across the pit membrane and how much this pressure might deflect the torus under typical flow conditions. The present study uses a computational approach that combines fluid flow with the solid mechanics used previously, an approach referred to as fluid-structure interaction (FSI) modeling. Five models were developed each of pits from Picea mariana roots and stems. Applying flows through the pit membranes thought to be typical led to a deflection of about 5% (4.8% stems, 6.1% roots) of the distance towards the pit border. Deflection of the pit membrane structure would stretch the membrane, leading to an increase in the size of membrane pores and a reduction in flow resistance, however this effect was very slight (about 0.3%).

1 - University Of Nevada, School Of Life Sciences, Las Vegas, NV, 89154, United States

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