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Eduardo Palomino, Fiorella Paola [1].

A Comprehensive Bibliographic Review of Festuca dolichophylla J. Presl, a Dominant Species of the Altiplano Grasslands.

High-elevation grasslands in South America are dominated by tall tussock grasses; however, an integrated study of the species Festuca dolichophylla had not yet been developed. This study addresses this information gap by building an integrative profile of the perennial, tall tussock grass Festuca dolichophylla. An exhaustive bibliographic review in different databases was used to compile its main biological characteristics such as morphology, phenology, history, global distribution, habitat, response of environmental factors, management, and conservation. At the end, we built a complete picture of the biology of the tussock grass Festuca dolichophylla to-date, and we identify the aspects where research for this tussock grass should be focus in the future.

1 - Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Agricultural Sciences, 1263 Lincoln Drive, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, 62901, United States

tussock grass
Festuca dolichophylla.

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