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Akhlaq , Asra [1], Hanes , Margaret Mae [1].

Diversification and Niche Evolution in the Malagasy endemic genus Humbertiella (Hibisceae: Malvaceae).

The shrubby genus Humbertiella (Malveaceae) contains six distinct species, exhibits great morphological diversity and is endemic to the xeric scrublands of southern Madagascar. Accrescent calices in fruit and unusual staminal glands, called coronules, unite the genus. To reconstruct the phylogeny of Humbertiella we sequenced 14 individuals (1- 3 individual of each species) using RADSeq methodologies. We also predict geographic distributions for species with adequate sampling using Environmental Niche Modeling. Precipitation parameters were especially informative to the species distribution models. Soil types, however, varied in their importance across species. For both bioclimate and soil Humbertiella decaryi has the widest niche breadth while Humbertiella quararibeodes displays the smallest.  We calculate niche overlap between sister taxa and identify niche divergence as a potential driver of diversification in the genus. We also gain insight into the morphological evolution of Humbertiella.

1 - Eastern Michigan University, Biology, 441 Mark Jefferson Science Complex, Ypsilanti, MI, 48197, USA

species distribution model.

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Number: PSY017
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