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The flora of Madagascar: uncovering mechanisms for diversification

Drews, Nicholas [1], Hanes , Margaret Mae [1].

Exploring Diversification in /Megistohibiscus (Hibisceae: Malvaceae) on Madagascar.

Madagascar is home to a substantial radiation within the Hibiscus tribe (Malvaceae) encompassing 86 species, 75% of which are endemic. A well-resolved plastid phylogeny of the morphologically diverse group supports two distinct clades. The endemic Malagasy clade /Megistohibiscus is sister to the rest of the tribe, is derived from a single introduction in the mid-Miocene and now comprises three endemic genera and at least 38 species. /Megistohibiscus represents an extraordinary group to explore the mechanisms responsible for diversification in Malagasy plants as taxa are distributed throughout many of the distinct biogeographic regions on the island. To reconstruct a species level phylogeny for /Megistohibiscus we sequenced 35 species using RADSeq methodologies. We integrate information across space and time to identify the major processes responsible for diversification in /Megistohibiscus.

1 - Eastern Michigan University, Biology, 441 Mark Jefferson Science Complex, Ypsilanti, MI, 48197, USA


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