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Hanko, Gina [1], Negron-Ortiz, Vivian [2], Moore, Rich [3].

Using Genomic Analysis to Assess Diversity and Clonal Propagation of the Florida Skullcap (Scutellaria floridana).

We are using genetic analysis to examine population health and reproduction of the federally threatened Florida skullcap (Scutellaria floridana Chapman, Lamiaceae) across its range to inform recovery decisions. Scutellaria floridana is a perennial wildflower endemic to four counties in the Florida panhandle that grows in fire-dependent longleaf pine lowland habitats. Nineteen of the 29 historically documented populations of S. floridana are still considered extant. These are threatened by urban development, timber harvest, and fire suppression. Scutellaria floridana can reproduce both sexually via flowering and asexually via an underground rhizome, which creates difficulty in determining how many stems represent distinct individuals rather than a single clone and makes accurate estimates of abundance in the field unobtainable. Our objectives are to revisit existing populations to determine their status and assess the genetic diversity of populations, the pattern of genetic diversity across the landscape, and the extent of clonal reproduction across the entirety of S. floridana’s range using SNP data constructed by ddRAD sequencing. Of the 16 populations that we visited in the field, we were able to locate vegetative individuals in 12, all of which are located on public lands. Our field observations suggest that some populations located on private lands may be extirpated and require further survey efforts to confirm their status. We are awaiting preliminary results from our genetic analysis, which will be completed by June 2022. Our findings will directly contribute to the recovery actions of S. floridana as listed in its recovery plan and inform survey and management approaches for the species.

1 - 5825 Hester Rd, Oxford, OH, 45056, United States
2 - 101 Peabody Drive, Oxford, OH, 45056, United States
3 - Miami University, Biology, 316 Pearson, Oxford, OH, 45056, United States

species conservation

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