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Khadia, Satish [1].

Molecular farming: Recombinant therapeutic proteins and bio-safety considerations.

Molecular farming is a promising system to produce important recombinant proteins such as therapeutic antibodies, pharmaceuticals, enzymes, growth factors, and vaccines. It is an experimental application of biotechnology that involves the genetic modification of crops for the production of transgenic plants. The vast majority in the developing world cannot afford the high cost of therapeutics produced by existing methods. We need to produce not only new therapeutics but also cheaper versions of the existing ones. Molecular farming could offer a viable option for this growing need for biopharmaceuticals. The plant made therapeutics are cheaper, safer, can be abundantly produced and easily stored. Here, strategies and approaches utilized in plant molecular farming are discussed. Furthermore, the bio-safety considerations related to this emerging field are also discussed. 

1 - S. D. Agricultural Univerisity, Genetics and Plant Breeding, S.D.A.U., S. K. Nagar, Gujarat, 385506, India

Recombinant proteins
Recombinant antibodies.

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