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Yun, Yaeeun [1], Baghai-Riding, Nina [2], Katembe, William [3].

A Plant Anatomical Investigation of Viola soronia Willd.

Viola sororia Willd. (blue violet) thrives in the Mississippi Delta and blooms throughout the early spring. It occurs in woodlands, shady banks, sandy substrates, and forest edges. It grows 3-8 in height and has broad heart-shaped leaves with an acute apex, and has bilaterally symmetrical flowers that possess blue-violet petals with distinct purple veins and conspicuous white throats. In this study, anatomical features of roots, stems, leaves, and flowers were prepared using single edged razor blades or hand hand-held microtomes. Samples were stained with methylene blue or neutral red dyes. Digital photographs were taken with an Olympus SC50 camera attached to an Olympus BX43 microscope. Interesting anatomical features observed include the presence of lateral roots protruding through the rhizome endodermis, leaf petioles possessing two lateral wings with each wing having its own vascular bundle, crystals occurring in the pith of rhizomes, and the center of the peduncle containing two crescent-shaped vascular bundles. Measurements of cell features were made using a micrometer. Features measured included starch grains, parenchyma and collenchyma cells, vessel elements, and guard cells. Significant range variation was noted for petiole stomata and rhizome parenchyma cells. Range variation was less variable for other cell types. Current research is being made on cell types in the interior of leaves and roots. Chromosome counts on root cells generated by the rhizome endodermis and by root apical meristems also are being investigated. The tentative chromosome number is six. Overall, the combination of plant anatomical characters are unlike other described species associated with this genus.

1 - 700 S COURT ST APT 19, APT 19, CLEVELAND , MS, 38732, United States
2 - Delta State University, Division Of Biological & Physical Sciences, Box 3262, Cleveland, MS, 38733, United States
3 - Delta State University, Division of Math and Sciences, Cleveland, Mississippi, 38733, USA

Mississippi Delta
Floral anatomy.

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