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Johnson, Taylor S. [1], Lanier, Kira [1], Loureiro, Rafael [2].

Evaluation of the Physiology and Root Morphology of Microgreens and Full-Term crops grown in Lunar and Martian regolith exposed to Lunar and Martian simulated gravity.

Regolith-based agriculture (RBA) may serve as a less resource and time-intensive alternative to bio regenerative food systems. In this context, this study aimed to understand the effects of partial gravity aligned with RBA to more realistically assess the combination of these two factors on full-term crops and microgreen physiology. For all full-term crops and microgreen species [ LRC (lunar regolith control); LRG (lunar regolith gravity); GMC (growth media control); GMLG (growth media lunar gravity); MRG (Martian regolith control); MRG (Martian regolith gravity); GMMG (growth media Martian gravity) their edible and total biomass. All plants, treatment, and controls (n=120 for 21 days – full-term crops and ten days of microgreens) were under controlled environmental conditions. The LHS-1 (lunar highlands simulant) and MGS-1 (Mars global simulant) regolith were acquired from the University of Central Florida’s Exolith lab and the clinostats (Eisco Scientific - BI0244) were calibrated to both lunar and Martian gravity es. To assess stress, cytokinin, auxins, gibberellins, abscisic, and salicylic acid was quantified using HR-MS (high-resolution mass spectroscopy). Exudates (20 samples per week per treatment) were analyzed using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC- S). Root architecture and cell analysis were conducted using a contrast-fluorescence microscope (Amscope 40X-15 X). This is the first step to understanding how plants will react in extreme space environments and how we can support them to generate yield sufficient for long-term space settlement missions under a complete stress factor analysis joining partial gravity and regolith limitations.

1 - Winston Salem State University, Biological Sciences, 601 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Department of Biological Sciences, Winston-Salem, NC, 27110, United States
2 - Winston Salem State University, Biological Sciences, W.B. Atkinson Science Building (Room 404) 1309 Cromartie St, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101, United States

Partial gravity
Lunar regolith
Martian regolith.

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Number: PPS002
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