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Anatomy and Morphology

Chuanromanee, Tya [1], Cohen, Jim [2], Ryan, Gillian [3].

MASS: a tool for Morphological Analysis of Size and Shape of leaves.

Morphometrics is the practice of identifying shape variation and shared features in and among groups. In botany, morphometrics is used to quantify the effects of mutation, environment, climate, and other characteristics on plant morphology, such as in leaf shape. Various software programs have been developed to assist in morphometrics, but these programs tend to be single-purpose (e.g., only for image capture, measurements, or analyses), which means that a full morphometric analysis can require as many as five different tools. We propose and develop a comprehensive and flexible software program to streamline the morphometric analysis process without relying on multiple different programs. In addition to collecting basic morphological characteristics, such as length and width, the program supports common morphometric methods and statistical analyses, allowing the user to select desired features separately. The program has been employed to analyze variation in both apple and sugar maple leaves. The modular design and robustness of the software gives the software sufficient flexibility to be potentially useful in analyzing other plant components, such as flower petals. 

1 - Kettering University, Computer Science, 1700 University Ave., Flint, MI, 48504
2 - Kettering University, 1700 University Ave., Flint, MI, 48503.0, United States
3 - Kettering University, Department of Physics, 1700 University Ave., Flint, MI, 48504


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Number: PAM010
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