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Abbott, Claire [1], Simpson, Michael [2].

Taxonomy of the Cryptantha clevelandii complex (Boraginaceae).

Cryptantha clevelandii is a member of subtribe Amsinckiinae of the Boraginaceae. This species has recently been confused with Cryptantha hispidissima, and has been treated with various infraspecies. Here we present a morphometric study of the complex, measuring nutlet, calyx, fruit angle, gynobase, style, and trichome features. Anova and PCA statistical analyses demonstrate a clear distinction between Cryptantha clevelandii and C. hispidissima, supporting the recognition of the latter. However, the infraspecies, var. clevelandii and var. florosa, are less clearly defined. We also present evidence for a new infraspecies, which may be restricted to particular soil types.

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1 - San Diego State University, Department of Biology, San Diego, CA, 92182, USA
2 - San Diego State University, Department Of Biology, Department Of Biology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 92182, United States


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