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Mitidieri Rivera, Nicole [1], Cardoso Pederneiras, Leandro [2], Alban Castillo, Joaquina [3].

Taxonomy of the genus Ficus section Pharmacosycea (Moraceae) in the Central Andes of Peru.

Ficus L. is a Neotropical genus comprising approximately 750 species, many of them with commercial and medicinal value, distributed in the Andean-Amazonian region from Bolivia to Venezuela. Peru holds 102 species clustered in three highly diverse regions: northern, central, and southern Peru; 15 of these species are grouped in section Pharmacosycea. Phylogenetic studies currently support the monophyly of Pharmacosycea and its subsections Carautaea and Bergianae; however, the group’s high degree of polymorphism continues to create problems in the taxonomic history of the genus hardening species identification. With the aim of complementing the information available on the genus, this work was conducted to study the taxonomy of Ficus sect. Pharmacosycea in the Central Andes of Peru, namely in Junin, Pasco, and Huanuco. This work is based on the analysis of vouchers from HOXA, USM, MOL, AMAZ, PRG, CPUN, HUT, and RB herbaria, as well as scanned images of vouchers from international herbaria, and specimens collected in the field. Taxonomic descriptions, illustrations, and an identification key are presented for the 15 species of Ficus registered in Central Andes, being Pasco the most diverse region (15 spp.). Ficus crassivenosa (Carautaea) is recognized in this study; F. macrosyce (Petenenses) and F. torresiana (Petenenses) are new records for Peru. This work represents a first step for the clarification and update of the taxonomy of Ficus, specifically for sect. Pharmacosycea distributed in the central region of the Peruvian Andes.

1 - 605 Eagle Heights Dr., Apt. B, Madison, WI, 53705, United States
2 - Jardim Botânico Do Rio De Janeiro, Rua Das Palmeiras, 73, Apt. 1004, Botafogo, Rio De Janeiro, RJ, 22270070, Brazil
3 - Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Etnobotánica y Botánica Económica, Av. Arenales 1256. Jesús María. Lima, Lima, Lima, Peru


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